Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eating Brocolli Trees

It's been a year (almost?) since I had my Multiply Account... ang bilis ng panahon! I'm feeling senti kasi yung isa sa pinakabestfriend ko eh umalis na kanina... ni-hindi ko man lang nakita dahil nasa Ilocos xa sa last days nya sa Pilipinas... ay pramis talaga dadamdamin ko talaga yan habang anjan ka sa L.A.., Olive. 
Olive Nieto took this picture October 31, 2006

Naalala ko lang you were one of the first entries here in my Multiply... remember my bday celebration hehe in ILoveYouStore na naka-Teletubbies pa si Atreyu at nagcrash tayo sa party ng may party? heehee. fun.

Hay... I'm glad at least I was able to document the best days of my existence (nax hyperbole) my fashion-fashion life vis-a-vis being a mom to Atreyu... despite the never ending worries when I look back now I feel happy, proud and accomplished... and I can only thank God for giving me a chance, a drive and the never-ending opportunities but most especially the guts to live our life... Thank you for giving me these blessings... somehow I know my son will be proud of me when he grows-up.
Speaking of Atreyu... of course my blog won't be complete without Atreyu kwento hehehe... Atreyu's asthma attack and two week cough and cold got me worried, I took him to the clinic and got his x-ray and all... thank God it's just an allergic least I know na... Anws, since I took him to the clinic, he was forced to tag along during my styling obligations to pull-out clothes for my Cherie Gil in Maldita-Mall of Asia... after pull-out, I took him to an early dinner, we ate Chinese... xempre

"Mommy, kanin and sabaw" ang request as usual ni Atreyu... so there... I ordered beef brocolli, when the dish was served it was really funny to see Atreyu's face looking so baffled and amazed at the same time saying "Mommy, bakit ka kumakain ng trees at kanin?" at first I didn't get what he was saying... then he asked for the second... third time... then I realized, he was referring to the brocolli flower that I was eating...

Geesh... ibang klase talagang mag-isip ang mga bata it amazes me... Oo nga naman... mukang ngang TREE ang brocolli!

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