Thursday, September 10, 2009

47th Japan Fashion Design Contest Sponsors Please!!

I couldn't be more thankful with the much blessings that came to me last month. I am so happy that Project Runway Philippines Season 2 has good feedback on the Philippine viewers... As I am just this eclectic girl trying to pursue the only thing she knows to do... I am merely starstruck I'm happy with all the perks we get to have and have the feeling of a 'celebrity' even just for a while. But aside from the grand launch of PRP2, blessing comes in pairs I suppose, during the hype of our launch, I was informed by the Siti (the organizer from the Japan Fashion Design Contest) that out of 2534 applicants all over the world I was chosen to be one of the 72 finalist to actualize and participate in that 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest in Meguro, Japan.

Among the 72 finalist all over the world, it's such a Pinoy Pride to be one of the three Filipinos to compete in this contest... Veejay Floresca and Nicole Moriare the two other noteworthy Philippine representatives. Hooray for us! Please pray for our success in Japan!

I really believe in The Alchemist's famous line: "When a person really desires something the universe conspires to help him fulfill his dreams."I'm just grateful for the opportunities that comes along... When I left the Runway, I openly accepted it was my time to go and my I served my right purpose already. I learned a lot and met great people. I never doubted God's great plans for me ahead. And yes... here it is... I'm one step closer to Japan. Even if I'm an epitome of a Harajuku Girl, I never expected I'll be planing my trip to Tokyo in months time. It's amazing to know and be reminded that the best gifts and blessing comes unexpectedly. (just like Atreyu)

I really love my concept since I am a true-blue POP ART MANIAC . The theme that I chose was the 1960's... and being that Andy Warhol is one of my Patron Saint in principles and aesthetics... I took inspiration with how he used the pop culture in his art... that's why I adapted his technique and translated it into Pinoy's Pop Culture and Iconizing a Filipina Veteran Actress, Gloria Romero. This piece is entitled as "Pinoy Pop Artista"

Now, I've spent a whole month already trying to raise funds... the cost of living in Japan is so pricey and a week stay is dreadfully expensive. Of course the airfare too... I haven't started my contest piece yet since my funds isn't enough yet... I'd be spending 20k on fabric printing alone since I'll be commissioning a painter (Romir Sucaldito) to replicate my graphic design into the fabric I'll be using for my contest piece and I'll try to see if digital printing on canvas would also be visual enough. I really have to invest on my fabric since my piece is just a simple sheath dress. Upto this day, I'm still surprised to find out that out of three designs I passed, the simplest among my entries was the one chosen.

I'm kinda in a time crunch now, I've spent my whole month looking and asking for sponsorships. I was a little bit disappointed with how the National Comission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) disparged a person bringin honor to our country... They passed me around to diffrent departments and different people for a whole month only to find out in the end that they don't accept any "budget requests" for 2009. They could have easily told me that from the start and moreover, shouldn't they be the first and formost institution handling these matters? If it weren't for struggling artists like us there wouldn't be an NCCA, right?

I had high hopes on the Senators hoping that they could shed a little... kahit man lang sana P500... ok na yun. It's not the amount that matters, it's the idea that they support Filipino talents. But sad to say, I had the worst accommodation withSen.Bong Revilla'sassistant named Lynlynwho blatanly told me... after three weeks in waiting for processing... "Ay walang pong pondo si Senador dyan sa mga ganyan, at huwag na rin po kayong umasa." It's just so sad, only if Sen.Bong Revilla could've seen my design and how I'm promoting the Philippine Arts and Entertainment industry where he came from. May be he could've shed a little amount.

Nonetheless, every door that shuts me off, I try to look for five other windows. I'm so grateful for my former client, Mrs. Marie Antoinette Quisumbing, owner of Timehouse Philippines (S.T.A.M.P.S.) for helping me out and donating a helpful amount. So far, out of the 20 possible sponsors, she has been a gem.

I've been waiting for three other major sponsors that would aid me in my Japan contest. I've been also looking for writers in newsprint/magazines/etc who could possibly help me in spreading my shout out for help. Please pray for me and join into my positive thinking that a month from now I'll be really be 100% surely be flying to Tokyo with my garment at hand. I hope and pray a generous person could read this too and donate any amount. I'd really appreciate any form of help

It's a great joy and honor that I didn't expect I would be getting... I'm the only Filipina representing our country in this contest. GIRL POWER! YAY!What a great honor. Who would have thought there came to a point in my life that I was ready to shut my doors to this industry and just deal with my responsibilities as a single parent... Sometimes when people grow up, people outgrow their dreams... But I'm glad I didn't... I still have my heart's desire. It wasn't an easy path for me but I guess my son's prayer is the loudest shout out in the heavens above that He never failed to miss us that He never let me stop even when it was so darn tough. Whatever happens, I am thankful and I already feel like a winner. I've always aspired to be someone who could inspire other people, I hope with this opportunity I could inspire more people, especially those young single moms out there to never lose your will to aspire.