Saturday, June 26, 2010

Atreyu and Tracy at the Toycon Megamall

Atreyu and Tracy at the Toycon, Megamall last June 19, 2010 ^_^

I took my son to the Toycon last week. Although I am not really sure if I really went there for him or for myself. haha. I saw my ultimate dream doll: BLYTHE! in real life! haha.

I want Blythe. I have to rob a bank first. haha. 5k PhP to 8k PhP for a doll?! yeah sound derranged. But Blythe is the ultimate fashion doll… every fashion designer must have her! I made that up. haha :-p

Atreyu on the otherhand, never got tired of roaming around the booths. He never got tired of taking pictures with his “endorsements”. Atreyu, you’re like a catalog model. haha.

Atreyu and the giant Lego’s haha. One of Atreyu’s endorsements! haha! There are moreeee of those in Liley’s Facebook Photo Album

And before anything else, I just want to say something that would warn the consumers of Pocky. Gosh I was totally ripped-off by that Pocky Stand. I guess it’s my own bad since I like anything pink. I bought this strawberry Pocky because of my impulsive buying weakness for anything pink. Only to realize… I bought it for 100PhP… I passed by SM yday and saw this box of stawberry Pocky. RAAAHHHH guess how much they cost? PhP40.00

Don’t EVER buy this at any Cons. They over price from Php40 to PhP100!?!

Well that’s all. I miss writing our adventures even the mundane stuffs. I wish to write more soon! ^_^