Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Dark Tale of the Black Swan

"Ate, don't watch it alone...", my sister warned me upon making a copy of the movie "Black Swan". But since I wanted to break-off my lazy bones last night... I attempted to watch it ALONE and IN THE DARK on a lazy Friday Night.  

Well, one thing I could say is that SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF MY SANITY is an understatement for this pyschological-thriller film... And even as if it is excruciating as it may seem, I loved it to pieces!

Aside from stating the obvious, Natalie Portman's performance is totally award-winning. I must confess that I am not really a Natalie Portman fan... but she really did a remarkable performance. In fact, I totally forgot she was Natalie Portman... to me she really became Nina Sayers that frail uber-perfectionist ballerina who struggled within herself to strive for the ultimate perfect performance of her life. It was a real performance, even with her subtle pitch of her voice to the refined grace... and that powerful Black Swan alter-ego... It was really all well played.

 I also was super delighted to see Winona Ryder and Mila Kunis in the ensemble cast. I must say I am the ultimate Winona Ryder fan. I just wish she could have been around more in the whole plot of the story.  Mila Kunis was also remarkable and seductingly beautiful as always. OMG, you have got to see the ultimate sex scene! Totally orgasmic! And totally HOT!! Haha! 

This psychological-thriller's twists and turns are definitely mind baffling. It is one hell of an emotional ride. The characters' depth were all well studied. I really admire how they all fit well in the world where nothing less than perfection is required to survive. Ultimately, with this highly pressured world, competition is painfully high... But how I see it, the greatest lesson here is one's ultimate competition is within oneself. 
"The only person standing in your way is you. It's time to let her go. Lose yourself..."
- Thomas Leroy
On another note, I must say the Black Swan is a very nice inspiration for my Tiara Headpieces... Oooh I got excited! 

Black Swan Bejewelled Headband $1,315 Erickson Beamon
Natalie Portman wearing a White Feather Headpiece as the White Swan


  1. i saw a different natalie portman in that movie..and yes, mila kunis is just hot as always ;)

  2. Actually I was interested in this movie. Natalie Portman is one of the best actress I think.


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