Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scattered Notes All Over the Virtual World

As I am fond of writing and introspecting, I find my bits and pieces of writing all over. I used to blog often in my old multiply site... But as time passed by, I got bored with it. Then microblogging made me lazier and just influx-ed myself with visuals and short words... Tumblr was fun, but it's not the same with having a journal where I could simply reflect on things. 

Then I just found myself simply writing notes on my Facebook. I think I wrote the nicest reflections there. I think. 

I think few of my most memorable reflections and writing should have a proper home here. If you get confused with the dates. Pardon the ambiguity. Hehe. Just a heads up. 

Fixing this site for almost 5 hours now. Really taking up time. Tsk... OC OC OC!  


  1. so glad you got your mojo back..mas maganda talaga pag sa blog ka nagsusulat kasi may kita..haha

    1. Haha! Believe it or not I'm not earning anything from this blog now~ I don't get paid writing about the places I endorse here haha! I just purely recommend and write things I'm passionate about! Haha! Sayang naman I took up feature writing classes in journalism in college if I don't get to use it! (^。^)

  2. Blogspot is the best blog interface I believe although I have not really done blogging...


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