Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tokyo After Dark

Hello again. I've blogged now twice for today, haha I have so many insights! Haha! I forgot to blog about some of the happy thoughts I've accomplished for this past few weeks. I just came home from my Marikina City trip... It felt good reading a good book on my jeep ride going there. I finally got something from my very old wishlist that I have...

Finally crossed out "After Dark" by Haruki Murakami in my ancient wish list

For SOOOO many years (since 2008/2009?) I wanted to get a copy of Haruki Murakami's book: "After Dark" I didn't realize it took me how many years since I got it. Imagine it took me 3 years?? Well... there's a petty reason behind that. I wanted to get a copy with this cover:

I wanted to get this After Dark book but I couldn't find this version
But... it took me year to even find a copy of "After Dark"  
But it took me how many years to even find a copy... so when I saw this one last copy in a bookstore in Makati... I just grab and bought it.

And now I'm currently reading it. I'm enjoying it... So far... It's one vivid book I say. Murakami's description of each places, happenings are picturesque. I imagine being in Shibuya after dark... because of the neon lights I knew that feeling... waiting for the train to open at six o'clock in the morning since cab rides in Tokyo are too expensive.

Tracy & Veejay going down the
Tokyo Subway on our way to
I remember our Roponggi night out when I was in Tokyo with Veejay and Nicole... It was fun but not my thing... Plus there's this offending connotation when old men learned that I'm a Filipina. Ugghhhh I hate that. I am educated you know! Not all Filipina's are what you think they are. But as the night came by... I remember walking back and forth to Roponggi looking for Veejay... It's a cold night to stay out and my mini skirt, leather jacket and winter tights doesn't warm me enough for that night. I remember bottled water costs 700 Yen?!? Haha. What an expensive water that was. It was an interesting night... I danced with so many people, there's this French guy whom I danced with... It was so fun! haha. I remember there was this drunk Japanese guy who wanted to kiss me. My gosh. People! It was an interesting night out for me since I don't usually go on bars like that here in Manila. I am both amused and shocked. Imagine... at my old age of 26 I don't know how to go "clubbing" haha. I remember going back to our hotel room in a brand new Benz... Thanks to Nicole's date he drove us back in our hotel in Shinjuku. Haha. My fond memories of Tokyo!

Anws, I want to get back to my reading... and sleep earlier today. I'm off to Divisoria tomorrow... But before I bid my "goodnight's" I want to share this memorable quote from Murakami's After Dark:
"If you really want to know something... You have to be willing to pay the price..."
-  Tetsuya Takahashi from the novel "After Dark" by Haruki Murakami  

Well... That's it for now... I hope tomorrow will be a more fruitful day. I hope. Crossing fingers as always! Good night!


  1. you always have these deep, interesting insights about the littlest things..nakakaaliw basahin ang blog amidst all those kababawan na fb posts and vain beauty and fashion blogs that i read everyday..when i read your blog, parang nagiging matalino na din ako kasi lumalalim yung pag-iisip ko..haha

    i'd continue reading this blog even after your giveaway promo! :)

    1. Thanks Erika! I really appreciate you reading them! I do hope you win! You're one of the few who was constantly readng! ^_^ Super appreciate it!

  2. You used to talk a lot about Murakami before. I miss it.


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