Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tracy's Dear Diary: When it's over That's the time I fall in love again...

I promised myself before entering 2011 that I would try to learn "the greatest lesson of all... to love and be loved" As I exhausted all my means to repair broken friendships and deflated egos. I must say I have never come across with someone so wrathful,  he wished I could die. (harsh!)

I don't want to dwell and brood over impertinent injuries. But regardless of his anger, I tried my  very best to make-up to him. I still cared for his well being. Without him knowing, I brought him food and even help clean up his room. These things I hope could make-up little by little. And these little efforts, I need not to do actually.

The last straw finally hit me. He was still enraged. Enraged with something I didn't do and was accused of. I rest my case and I wave my white flag.

This is probably one of those situations wherein "The Prayer of Serenity" applies. 
"Lord, grant me the Serenity to accept things I cannot change..."
 And now I am grateful God is supporting me with much serenity. It's over I say. I cannot let myself rot in his wrath and pride. I deserve so much and way better than this

As my friends cradles me in times of mishap... times like this... I want to remember Santi's memorable piece of advise to me...
"There are more worthwhile things to invest time on, other than self righteous bastards..."
- Santi Obcena 
And with that, I end you. Thanks for everything, I learned humility.


  1. "When it's over That's the time I fall in love again..." anong title ng kanta nga ba yan?

    pakak na pakak ang advise ni Santi! :)

  2. Your belief makes up of how you are. And it is really strong (no bad meaning here).


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