Saturday, February 05, 2011

It's ONE YEAR since...

This was Adrian's last Facebook Photo
"What I am; you cannot fix."                  -Adrian Olympia, (March 19 1987 - February 5, 2010)
I saw this in the photo slide written on a wall during your apartment blessing… I’m not sure if you wrote this… But struck me very much. RIP, Adrian.
(I posted this entry February 14, 2010 )

I saw Andre's tweet last night and I remember it was Adrian's death anniversary. I remember those time was a very sad time... for most of us. I can still feel Fran misses him very much. She's such a Tinkerbell and Adrian is Peter Pan. I pray you're in a good place now. I hope someday we'll see you again.


  1. we all know death is a part of our happens even if we don't want to..what hurts the most is when we lose our loved ones so early.. :(

  2. I cannot see the photo but still can feel your sadness.


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