Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Yeah Van Gogh is Bipolar

The ambiance of Van Gogh is Bipolar is so damn fine! 
Finally! I have been wanting to blog about my first Van Gogh is Bipolar Experience but I couldn't upload my photos. Since I just took them from my celfone... my celfone has been having biploar fits lately and I could access my twitter and facebook there. Such a drag. Anws, I finally got the pics out from it so hooray! 

Actually I have been long longing to go to this artsy place without knowing what's in store for me. It is actually my dream date peg as seen on my previous tumblog. Hehe. Finally after months of wishful thinking... I finally went there.

Atreyu, my ever so
chivalrous chaperone 
A friend and a client of mine, Ana-Shawarma as I call her since we were highschool pals way back in Miriam College High School. Met up with me a day after setting her foot on the ground of the Philippine soil. She hasn't been back in Manila for four years since she migrated to San Francisco after college. Anws, to cut the story short, she met up with me in this artsy place. 

May be it wasn't such a great idea to take our kids along... Since her little princess, Kallista still have jetlag and Atreyu don't want to eat anything from the menu... Having not known that all dishes were on set menus in 7, 5, 4 course meals... and everything was healthy herb-ie dishes. It's actually my first time to eat that brown rice... it looked weird, like a regular rice soiled with soy sauce. But it tastes the same as the regular rice. so they say, that rice is the rarest kind. I don't know about that but yeah I looked weird for me. haha.  Jethro, the owner of the fancy place told us that the dishes are actually researched to put a person to a good mood... Since he himself is bipolar. But nonetheless I think Atreyu had a blast writing on walls. As artsy as the place as expected. 

The infamous red doodle wall.
Atreyu even manage to bring in a good, old funny anecdote I could tell about people and have a good laugh about it. As he enjoyed himself playing and writing, he suddenly said something so trippin! haha
Atreyu: "Tignan mo yung walls, Mommy... 'Pag i-shake mo yung ulo mo parang gumagalaw ang walls..."
(Look at the walls, Mommy... When you shake your head, the walls would seem like moving...) 
Mommy:  "That's so high Atreyu... May doobie ba ang pagkain dito? I think naghahallucinate ka na, anak."  
(That's so high, Atreyu... Is there marijuana content with the dishes here? I think you're hallucinating already, my son.")
With the herbs and the different organic stuff in the dishes we ate I couldn't help but think of that. Haha. It's a funny thought, though. But after a few hours of long chitchat and wedding planning... Me and Ana finally saw what Atreyu has been talking about... Saying...
Ana-Shawarma: (touching on the wall) "Bakla, totoo nga yung sinasabi ni Atreyu... Parang gumagalaw nga yung walls... Astig paano nila ginawa yun...?"
(What Atreyu was saying is true... The walls seems moving... I wonder how they do that...?"   
Jethro, the owner: "Ganyan talaga yan, may ganyang optical illusion talaga yang red wall na yan"
(It's really like that, that red wall has that optical illusion)

Haha what a funny tale. Atreyu is such an artist, too I think he appreciated the place and it's eccentricities. He even made me take all the pictures from the place. Here are some of the photos... Enjoy. I'm definetely going back to Van Gogh is Bipolar but next time I won't probably take Atreyu, poor little boy only ate a banana since he doesn't want to eat fancy food.

And that damn banana was the only thing Atreyu ate.
Some antique stuff
The Unlimited Tea selection choose anything you want.


  1. ang galing naman ng may optical illusion na wall..so cool!buti pa si atreyu, napansin nya agad..kids like that are really smart!

  2. This place should have been checked out. I wanted to go but the owner is too bipolar seemingly.

    1. And finally when I made reservations to this place you don't show up anyways. May be you're too bipolar too.


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