Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tracy's Dear Diary: Because I Think Out Loud... Trails of Random Thoughts

And yes... I seem to have wrote 4 straight entries for today. Haha. I missed my blog so much didn't I? haha. I just though I may not get a chance to blog and write stuff again since it's so damn hard to get into the zone of writing or whatever I may seem to do.  I cannot believe it's March already! How amazing... few days from now it will be my son's 7th Bday! Atreyu is turning 7! I cannot believe it! It just seems a while ago he's just a cute little baby sleeping on my chest. 

This year so far (and the 1st quarter is nearing to its' end already!?) has been good to me. I haven't had any big heartaches and worrisome dilemmas. Far from last year when so many sad news came week after week. This time it has been light... Like a breeze of fresh air, I walk in the clouds. Haha.I think I sound high

I wonder how my friends are, I get stressed out when I think about their problem too much, like I easily absorb them... then worry about it even more than them. Haha. I think I am an empath with divine spirits haha. I miss Vianka, that's why I blogged about her. I hope to see her soon. It's sad that she just lives nearby and I seldom get to see her.

Life has been manageable lately, since I rarely do anything but hold my BB. I am such an addict I can feel the tips of my fingers in pain. Haha. As much as I hate Makati for the heavy traffics and God-knows what I will encounter going there, I'm starting to like it. 

People's Palace Prawn Pomelo Salad
I am so addicted.
I especially like and crave for People's Palace's Prawn Pomelo Salad... I'm so craving it like a distressed pregnant woman. haha. I gotta have it every week... that's how I am addicted to it. Because of it I am starting to like going to Makati and having dinner in People's Palace in Greenbelt 3. It's such a happy food for me, I can like eat only this for months. Haha.

Spicy Fire Floss!!
And of course another thing I crave for which I often pass by Makati (Bread Talk in Glorietta 4) is the spicy Fire Floss!! I always gotta have some Firefloss and some other bread in Breadtalk. They're just so soft and fluffy I love them. I think my book fixation, from Murakami has turned into Food Cravings haha. Why do I have this fixations?! Why!? haha

Moving on, I made a poem over the month. I like it it's very sweet I think. And of course I love the rainbow so it is even more special than my other poems. 

Somewhere Over My Rainbow

Amidst the darkness and rain
And brash scars of the past
I wish you here with me
And not a day would pass
Beyond the rays of sunshine
And beyond the guiding light;
You are my rainbow in my day
That paints my monotonous grays

- Tracy, Feb. 23,'11 23.42 Manila 
[Feb.24,'11 00.42 Japan]

I always say to myself i write because I want to remember something. I think I want to remember these nice thing that make me happy now. I am learning so much and relearning Patience.I really hope I could learn to be more patient. But I think I'm on my way to learning that... I rarely get hot-tempered already yay! Well it's a little step. I'm learning not to be so upset or to get easily upset with unpleasant stuff like things not happening as i want them to be. I focus now more on things i should do next.

Speaking of What I should do next I think I've got to put it in list What I should be doing in the coming days. i seem to be such a scatter-brain and I just do things randomly. i got to be my randomness, even I can't predict the things I will do next! Haha. okay here it goes:

1. Find Siti!!
2. Send Siti an email
3. Respond to client's email inquiries - client #1 November 11, 2011 wedding client #2 December 29, 2011
4. Atreyuu bday invites
5. Go to Atreyu's School and ask for a class list for atreyu's inivitaion cards for his party  March 11, 2011
6. Finalize billing for Kava and Peter
7. Finalize Design for Hazel
8. Finalize design for Hazel's client
9. Finalize AC+632 
10. Make May another dress
11. Design Propsal to Sylvia
12. Hat Boxes Summary

1. Hazel's Bohemian Turban
2. Hazel's Wedding Client
3. Kava Wedding Veil
4. Kava's Gyspy headpiece
5. Crystal Birdcage for AC+632

To Buy:
1. Swarovsky
2. gold mediterranean brass chains
3. girly floral fabric
4. zebra fabrics
5. hot pink silk
6. Swarovsky cystals for headpiece

Yeah now i got my head all clear up with things to do. Please wake up early, Tracy and don't sleep again in the morning anymore. 

Anws, I just want to post this bible verse... to remind me that I need to be patient. 

“Love is patient, 
love is kind. 
It is not jealous,
 not pompous, 
not inflated, 
it is not rude, 
it does not seek its own interests, 
it is not quick-tempered,
 it does not brood over injury, 
it does not rejoice over wrongdoing
 but rejoices with the truth.
 It bears all things, 
believes all things, 
hopes all things, 
endures all things. 
Love never fails.” 
-I Corinthians 13:1-13

Okay I got to finish four blogs today. Haha. I will be writing again soon I hope. I hope for more great news. Destiny as we have fought for how many times, now please keep it coming. Good night!

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  1. Yea, this was a surprising day that you wrote so many entries. I think we talked about it on BBM or something.


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