Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dimple Lim's "My Heart Ain't Big Enough"

Of course I love what I am wearing haha
Seven months ago, Dimple Lim, a good friend, collegue and drinking buddy asked me to be her "Muse" for her new pieces. It's trippin alright. So I did. Haha. It was hard pala to model, I feel awkward staring at the camera for a long time. I feel conscious haha and i think I look damn funny on these pictures. But I love what I am wearing and I'm proud to have worn something by Dimple. She's such an avant-garde designer, and her draping and patterns so damn crazy haha! I bow down to you.

Well this is 7 months late. But I still want to post. Because the pieces are sooooo great! Lot's of peeps gives nice comments on facebook. I think I am a good endorser of clothes! Haha!

These fabulous pieces are available in ANTHOLOGY( Archeology, Powerplant Rockwell) and all in LIMITED QUANTITIES.

Dimple Lim accepts online orders via t Paypal and BDO deposits. For more inquiries you may contact her at +6329175748381.

More photos of Dimple Lim's pieces... i styled myself btw. Haha. Muse and Stylist and Dimple was the photog and designer haha!

So cute with that pink ribbon i really love girly stuff haha

This is far from my usual day to day outfit but I want to wear something
like this!
My Heart Ain't Big Enough! <3

And I look so awkward and uncomfortable. Haha. eew.

Dimple's pieces fit well on many different body types so asteg!


  1. i like that dress with that awkward pose..haha may grado ba salamin mo? :)

    1. Yup, it's a prescription eye glasses~ I have Astigmatism 0_0

  2. I remember these photos. Those were your favorite for yourself too.


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