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Earthquake in Japan: Let's Pray for Japan!

I painstakingly watched this live on NHK World as the tsunami
wipes out everything it passes through. Painful.
March 11, 2011...   A typical Friday for me and my son. I remember having lunch with him then taking a nap after lunch. We've been chillin since we were going out that night. The next thing I know, as I wake up from my 40-minute nap... I read on twitter: "Japan Earthquake" has been flooding my news-feed. Although I always see those tweets once in a while. It seemed severe this time. And I switched the channel to NHK World and saw the Breaking News. I surfed around the news channels of CNN, BBC, Fox News, Al Jazeera and other channels... This looks serious I thought to myself.

Me and my Kawaii Sistas
Atreyu and Mommy Tracy looking so Japanese haha

I think I was a Japanese in my past life. haha. Japanese stuff has been around me since my childhood and I don't have direct intent to have one. I remember my first childhood bestfriend is a half-Japanese girl, I portrayed a Japanese girl in my highschool Asian History Class, my muse and Project Runway Model Aika is half-Japanese, I represented Philippines to Japan in an unexpected opportunity and not to mention my siblings and I often gets mistaken as Japanese here and even abroad haha. I feel so affected by this sad unfortunate calamity. 

Atreyu so worried that all Milkies are
affected by the Earthquake. 
As my son and I watch the videos of collapsing office space and grocery aisles. Atreyu, my son, got ever so worried that all Milky's in Japan gets wipes out. He's such a Milky fan. He merely cried seeing the grocery stores gets ransacked by the earthquake.As funny and as petty as it sounds, he was really affected by it. He's so cute. 
Well, as we all know the Sendai Earthquake (and Tsunami) is even worse than that. It really looks so devastating and it pains me to see the destruction and the damage it made. It's really heartbreaking to see houses getting wiped out... Families getting separated, struggling for your life and struggling to find your loved one and surviving the cold winter. It's a painful tragedy Japan has come to face with. 

Typhoon Ondoy 2009
Hits Manila
Katipunan Road sunk in flood
Sad thing about it, as an un-harmed by-stander... is that feeling of "Uselessness" as my Japanese friend and I talk about it that sad night of the 11th of March. Inasmuch that we all want to help and reach-out, and they really do need all the help they can get especially in those areas wiped out by the Tsunami... It reminded me of that depressing feeling during the Typhoon Ondoy tragedy back in 2009 here in Metro Manila... As I learn a number of my friends suffered gravely from the flood, I cannot do anything much as I want to. It is a humbling feeling though I got to realize that life can easily be taken away in just a span of a short nap, no matter how technologically advanced and no amount of money in the world can save us... if it's out time, it is our time. We have to bespiritually prepared all the time. Easier said than done.

Japan's situation didn't stop from that daunting afternoon of the 11th. Everyday seemed worse with the aftershocks, Nuclear Plant Explosion and the winter weather lambasting the poor survivors of the tsunami. Despite this what is admirable about this nation is their unity and focus. You don't get to see them panic over matters and just try to solve what is needed to be solved. Imagine from a severe Magnitude of 8.8 has been upgraded to Magnitude 9.0. For the record, it has reached the world record of the 5 worst earthquakes in history. But you wouldn't see them fight over who's fault is it or play on the blame game... Everybody is just focused on getting by and helping each other out. 

Let's pray for JAPAN y'all!! 
I've always believed in the saying "God doesn't give us more than we could handle" and with that thought in mind... I pray for the Japanese people that they will get by this. I have faith they can surpass this. Of course with the help of our love, concern and prayers... nothing is impossible. 

But of course, there are other means to reach out to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims everywhere in the world. You can easily donate to the American Red Cross  and Philippine Red Cross. I am glad the Philippines has accessible means to send off our donations to the Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami victims at the convenience and reliable means of mobile services... 
"To donate, please text: RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899, or DONATE<space>AMOUNT<space>4-digit M-PIN<space>REDCROSS to 2882 for Globe subscribers; and RED<space>ON to 4143 for Smart subscribers."
So there's no excuse for us Filipinos not to help out and reach out... It's just as easy as sending an SMS. Please don't be naive and apathetic.

Moreover, as I am talking about helping and reaching out to the Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami victim, it is also noteworthy to shout out Lady Gaga's noble effort to use her popularity to help Japan. She has successfully raised $250,000 in a span of 48 hours by selling baller bands. I want to get myself one too... it looks nice too!  

Lady Gaga Earthquake Relief  Wristband 
Only for $5.00 all proceeds go to Japan Tsunami relief

I wonder what the next coming days would bring to Japan and even to neighboring Pacific Ring of Fire Islands... like the Philippines. Last night there was an earthquake Magnitude 6.0 in Shizuoka, Japan... nearby Mt. Fuji...It is as quote, "maybe less spectacular than the March 11 quake, but can be very damaging as it occurred below land."   But what got my attention is that it involved plate-boundary earthquake that is brought about by the movement of the Philippine Seaplate. Got me a little scared that we may be next in line. Well, let's hope not. But we never know!

Geesh what's going on in the world?? Makes you wonder, right?

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  1. That day was chaotic for Japan. Thanks for your kindness to support at that time, seriously.


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