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Here Comes the Bride

Austin Scalett's Rock and Roll Wedding Gown for Project Runway Season 1
I love this Punk-Ass Wedding Gown 10 years ago haha

If you would have met me 10 years ago, designing for weddings is not really my cup of tea and will never take an interest for me. I just wanted to be a streetwear designer and to make avant-garde stuff. I had my hey days, nowadays inasmuch that I want to make something out-of-the-box I think my aesthetic became softer and quirkier. Not sure if that's more sellable though.

Since the wedding industry is the most promising direction for Filipino Fashion Designers. I have come to succumb that I also have to adjust to what the industry needs. So hence, I work with Veejay and other young designers to have a feel of which. 

Being a girl... it's kinda painful though. To make fairytales when I myself don't know how that feels. This can be a problem to every girl designer. The frustrations of being loved or the struggle of choosing one's career over settling down. Reminds me of Coco Chanel. Haha.

Being an artist, I always want to believe in what I make. It would be hard to make such design if I doubt True-Love and happily ever afters... But I have to try.

December Wedding Couple: Yong and Irish Revisa
Such warm couple to have drinks with! haha! 
I'm in a point now that I'm starting to believe in such things again. May be because I felt it among the wedding couples I have worked for in the past few months. Thea and Jus, Chat and Kendz, Irish and Yong are few among the couples I have felt love gradiate from with in. With their love so fresh and promising for even better future up-ahead, I learned to believe anything could be possible. Everybody deserves to be loved and I think it even feels good to shout it out loud to the world. It is really a worthy celebration indeed after all... It is not easy to find love everyday... or even the right person to love... or the right person you will love you. It is really amazing, to find someone that will not bore you for the rest of your life. Wow. I am so perplexed on its mystery! 

Thea & Jus
My love confidants & Makati Buddies 
During the time of their wedding, even after their wedding I feel very lucky to have shared friendship with them. I don't mind being the third wheel at at! Haha! Every couple I meet is unique and everyone haas this sense of special bonding that makes each lovely and makes you want to find your counterpart as well.  Yong and Irish, are great love advisers and Irish I enjoy talking to because she knows how it is to be an independent woman, she always tells me. We always enjoy having some drinks and FOOOOOD TRIP in Mogwai's in CubaoX, they're such fun couple to be with.

Thea and Jus, are also special in my heart. I enjoy Makati now more than ever since I can always hit them up for lovely dinner and just chitchatting the night away. Great love confidants and advisers! Everytime I have a kilig moment I encounter I always tell Thea about it... and for sure she tells Jus haha.  

"Rockstars cleverly disguised as a Lawyers."
And of course, Chatz and Kendz are my rockin' Rockstar Couple! They're both fierce and bad ass kicking lawyers with serious jobs. But they know how it is to have fun! They're as Candy says: "A Rockstar cleverly disguised as a Lawyer." They thought me that even bad-ass kicking Rockstar can fall in love. Haha! Of course they can! 

Having said so much about weddings, I just want to post my favorite wedding design. It was supposed to be my entry for a contest. It's very personal for me to have designed I even got a write-up made about it haha. It's a bit vintage looking but I was actually inspired from avant-garde designers: Yohji Yamamoto and Vivienne Westwood.  If you don't see it haha so sorry. Haha. 

The write-up goes something like this...

One of my most personal and favorite designs. Hehe.
I got inspired by Yohji Yamamoto and Vivienne Westwood
"Here Comes the Bride"

Coming from a very personal reflection and manifestation of the designer’s inner life desire comes “Here comes the Bride”. In every girl’s future embeds the dream of becoming a beautiful bride. It is in every girl’s storybook fairytale ending. Growing up, not all girls turn out to be so, but deep in every grown woman’s heart remains the desire to become one. As old-fashioned as it may seem, as we steer for the future, the designer believes that every woman would still retrograde to this nostalgic and romantic notion. Just like in the past, our present times and in the coming future, everybody… would still desire to be loved.

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  1. It is always so nice to see your bridal work because your client is alwasy happy.


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