Thursday, March 10, 2011

Imortal Days

I had a short but extremely painful stint as a Costume Designer in ABS-CBN's Fantaserye: "Imortal". The only word I could remember is that it was painful... painful time-wise, painful delayed salary, painful work colleagues who feeds on bringing other people down and lives by generating issues among each other. Painful... I gave up lots of important things for me just to commit to this project... I was supposed to go to Tokyo last year with my good friend Happy Andrada. But I failed to join her because, 1) I'm in the middle of work, shooting non-stop and barely even getting any sleep and 2) I've been working non-stop but my salary is delayed for a freakin ONE-MONTH!!
I started to feel extreme exhaustion, depression and loneliness. I don't deserve to be treated so demoralizing. Imagine, Production Managers, Producers curse you in the middle of everyone. How demoralizing is that. Oh thank God, I bailed out. It is not worth my time, giving up so much and making me feel I am incompetent... Having a job is important I know, but having self-respect is more important than money or the prestige. 

The only thing I could say nice about this TV series project is Angel Locsin is really such an ANGEL! She's really nice and down to earth.... The other actors and actresses as well... It has been a dream to me to work with John Lloyd Cruz and now I did! How amazing is that?

I really didn't contribute much of what I can say my own to this show. I only worked for 2 months but I can say it is not good. The creative freedom is limiting. I was only proud I got to design the Special Lobo Force Uniforms which they eventually replaced as I left the show. But HEY... I think they looked so good and firece with the costume I designed, not some cheap poorly-shopped-surplus quality uniform they're wearing now. Oh man, good riddance!

Before I left, I made sure they'll be established be seen wearing this uniforms. I felt fulfilled, seeing them materialize.



  1. you draw pretty eyes talaga, very tracy! :)

  2. Man. I'm really, really sorry to hear you had to go through with that sort of treatment. :( I hope you land gigs where they treat you much better in the future.

    On the plus side, it looks like the Lobo Force was very happy to wear the costumes you designed! Good for you! :D

  3. I thought the girl on the first photo was Katy Perry...


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