Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Let me be ME.

This is actually an old sketch I made. Long time ago... two years ago haha! I just wanted to repost it. Because it is one of my most personal sketch. Obviously this is me... that's why. Haha. 
It's been so long since I illustrated fashion sketches. Last year my hands were non-stop making illustrations. I got disheartened, so many sad reasons of frustration when you dream so much and don't get what you want... It is painful to stroke colors on paper. 
This year I haven't drawn anything yet. But my trip to Divisoria a while ago... got me inspired. I think I'm ready to draw again... I can't wait to draw again.

I just want to remember why I chose to be... a designer.

Let me be ME.
September 10, 2009

Obviously, this is me :-)

As a young fashion designer and visual artist, individualism and self identity for me, are the most essential core of creating art. Coming from the fashion and art industries, both industries that dictate 
what’s beautiful and what’s not, what’s in or out; may it be hard to play the role of a sore thumb, I still 

adhere to sticking to my principles and believing in my own sense of beauty. This may not be true to all, 

but I believe that few are chosen to raise and challenge the standards and value of Fashion and Art 

and the rest… only follows and plays along the trends. I believe I am one of the few chosen. This piece 

is my celebration of my fashion and art epiphany. There were so many times I have been scorned at 
because of who I am and how differently I think but I never gave up and still trusted my gifted talent.
Someday, I know I will be someone the world would appreciate and recognize for being unique and embracing my eccentricities.


  1. this design is just AWESOME!
    it really inspires me :)

    1. Haha this was a super old design na... I hope my illustrations can be credited/acknowledged for some fashion contests someday! I just love illustrating I even invest in so many markers haha!

  2. You are who you are. And that leads yourself to be what you want to be.

    1. What if I don't want to be anything anymore? Please don't be stuck to think I'm the same happy person here. I am now broken.


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