Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Perks of Being a Travel Agent's Daughter

Old School Memories of My Childhood... Well teenage years
Travelling in my family household has been like a walk in park I hated it, when I was young. Travelling with babies on board is such a stress... My mom having NO SENSE of DIRECTION and never ending  brawls and sibling fights. I never thought travelling abroad was fun at all.

We're not uber rich, okay? First thing I got to say. Haha. We just got that perks of travelling abroad since my parents are travel agents. We always get big discounts and special rates anywhere we go around the world! I remember going to Europe as my 18th debut gift for just $111 haha how crazy is that!? haha.  

I don't get to do freebie stuff anymore since I have lots of brothers and sisters who'd probably kill to reap the perks of my travel agent parents. I think I had my hey days, being the eldest, I got to have that privilege to myself for a very long time. 

But last week end my mom yanked off my apartment and asked me to be in business attire for God-knows what... I had no idea where she's taking me. I dread these times I get to be with them. Everytime it seems an unending lecture about my career, my life and blahblahblah's... TORTURE!!

A Rare Moment.
Tracy in Black and Business Attire. Haha. BTW, I have a new do.
But hey, I guess it's not bad at all! Haha... She took me to see some fancy Cruise Ship and toured around it for half a day. It's nice... I guess. You will rarely see me in a business attire haha. And I guess this was all worth it!

I feel I look like a celebrity haha. Like a Fashion editor or something. Haha. Well, I am a fashion designer, but I don't dress-up this way. haha.

It seems fun... The cruise ship stuff... But I don't think I'd want to stay in such trip for 100 days!? Haha. I will miss the City too much. I heard some old retired people from the ship spent all the retirement fund to be in the cruise ship for the remaining of their lives. Wow. I really find that so bizarre. If were to retire in my old age, I'd probably still want to live nearby the city. Haha. Just a thought.

Well, anws, I really don't have much to say. But I really enjoyed the fancy experience. My Mom and I didn't get into any annoying lectures on life. Haha. How matured. Haha. I'll just post some pics 'coz I find myself so amusing looking like a fierce corporate chick. Haha! Dressing up so fiercely, with the perks of being a Travel Agent's Daughter! HaHa!

Cruisin. Cruisin. Cruisin~

My Mom, our neighbor Mrs.Millar and some hot corporate chick haha (that's me haha)

Fancy lunch, sitting beside my Dad... which I haven't done in years! And I just couldn't let go of that BB haha.   


  1. you are so lucky to be able to travel with your parents abroad! i can only dream of that :3 so still got a little quirkiness going on with that shades naman, bagay naman sayo mag business attire.. :)

    1. Haha with my family, I don't find it lucky! Haha! Ang dami kase namin!


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