Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends: BohoChic Vianx

From now on, I will be updating my blog with  interesting fashionistas I meet. Haha. I thought of this fun topic and my thoughts never stopped thinking about many fashion friends I've got. I like and admire eclectic style, those who doesn't follow rules and be dictated with fads and trends. I always say in every lecture, interview or anything that I believe Fashion is an extension of oneself... It's just upto you how you let fashion influence you.  

Vianka Amurao my soul-sista BFF! Rockin the BohoChic look. Where did you ever get this vintage Vox?!? I envy youuuu!
And because I miss you very much and you are an absolute darling fashionista,  my dearest soul-sista... Vianka Amurao. I dedicate my first "Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends" to you. Vianka, your BohoChic Drama is love

Vianx workin for the ultimate fashionista Andre Chang
I met Vianka longggg time ago! We were coursemates in BS Clothing Technonlogy in Univeristy of the Philippines, Diliman. Yesss... UPista! haha. Ever since she has been an earthy chick with her aesthetics. Now I'm so proud to see her rock as a fashion merchandiser/designer assistant in one of Philippines' top retail fashion brands... Folded&Hung.  She now works under the fashion style icon, Andre Chang for Folded & Hung... I couldn't be any more prouder with my lil sis!

I admire how you rock a simple white tank top and make it look an interesting piece of hippie-inspired piece of clothing. How do you do that, beb? And or course the never ending layers of beaded necklaces and scarves! I just can't get enough seeing you drape around your body everything you have. Those textures especially completes your freespirit persona. Hence for that, I name you #1 in my "Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends"

Vianx rockin that plain white tank in the wilderness of Baras, Rizal
for film shooting of Corazon.
There was a time we worked on an Indie Film Project and we were stuck in the mountain wilderness of Baras, Rizal without cellular phone signal a totally remote area. It was perfect wilderness. And Vianka still rocked that BohoChic look even it we are under the piercing heat of summer and working under pressure.

Now as I see you shine in your own light and have the time of your life at work with fashion friends and the rest of your vibrant life... I just want to say I am proud to see you bloom as a real fashionista with convictions and identity. I miss you Beb!!


  1. she looks like jessica sanchez on the first photo :) i like her style, chill lang tapos comfy pa..

  2. Hope she is doing fine nowadays. It was nice meeting her at your last bday party.

    1. I think you met her at the airport the first time I fetched you.


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