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Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends: Androgynous Yuhei~

NAIA Oct.2009
"I'm going to Tokyo, Yeah!"
Memories of Tokyo will always be special in my heart with the great experience, inspiring modern arts & culture and fabulous sweet people I met! 
It was far beyond in my wildest dreams that I would set my foot in Tokyo and everything seemed like a dream. It is everything I have imagined, among all the few places in the world I've been to, I never felt I belonged elsewhere but in Japan. I remember having my alone time walking at night and it's just great. I never thought walking alone in a foreign place would sound so much fun but I did.
The people are very nice and very respectful of foreign and eclectic cultures. It's a strange feeling for me since here in Manila, I always come to a shock to people. Which I don't intend to do, sometimes I feel Manila is too limiting in terms of culture and social constriction of blending in instead of standing out. But when I came to Tokyo, everyone stands out Everyone seems to have pretty smiling faces and appreciative of different aesthetics. I think I never felt more appreciated elsewhere in the world than in Tokyo.

And one of the fabulous sweet people I met in Tokyo is Yuhei Sasaki ! Together with his other friends: Shinya and Kazuya I met them during the submission of entries for the Japan Fashion Design Contest. I was a finalist then together with Veejay Floresca and Nicole MoriThey were fashion design students then in Sugino College. They were very nice and friendy and very appreciative of our designs. It is always a delight to meet fellow young aspiring designers anywhere in the world. I always say to myself, who knows I get to meet the future Yohji Yamamoto, John Galliano with the young designer I meet. That would be nice~

October 16, 2009 Meguro and I dunno why are we doing that silly hand thing. I must say Yuhei looks so innocent here haha so cute!
I wish I could keep in touch with them much often, but I wish language isn't such a barrier. I always thought It would be nice to go back to Tokyo and meet them again. I wonder how they are doing nowadays. 

This is one of my favorite look for Yuhei,
I think he should wear t-shirts more often
One random weekend as I am so hooked up with my twitter... I wonder and hit the search button for my fashion designer Tokyo friends... and to my surprise! I found Yuhei! haha! I was really delighted to find a friend... Thank God for Twitter! The first thing I noticed was his super cool profile photo on twitter.
So fierce fashion of Yuhei! Taken from www.fashionsnap.com

Of course I cannot help but compliment his photo. I was super-star-struck, Yuhei looks like a famous celebrity I thought haha. I sound too amazed haha! But I was! I told him he has a nice profile pic, it looks like it came out on a magazine like (my favorite) Fruits. Apparently it did so, it came from a Japanese Fashion Website: http://www.fashionsnap.com/ That is so amazing! I am super fascinated I have very fashionable friends in Tokyo, it makes me feel more closer to Tokyo Fashion. I feel very proud for a friend to look like famous celebrity haha.

But he said, he's not a famous celebrity haha. Of course he's very humble. But he is now working as a designer in Tokyo! Oh I am very proud to know that! someday I know he will be a famous Japanese designer, I better get myself an autograph when I meet him in Tokyo! And take fashion photos with him haha! 

It really makes me happy and fashionably inspired to see Yuhei's daily fashion statement. I always tweet him to show me his fashion photo for the day... makes me so excited and happy! He really supports that Yohji Yamamoto-ish-androgynous look. As bubbly and colorful as I may seem, I have always been interested with androgynous beauty and aesthetics. I think androgyny is the perfect achievement of balance. Yuhei, rockin' such androgynous look, I cannot help but admire his style!

Moreover, I feel challenged, haha! I want to try that androgynous look too! Oh how I wish it would be easy for me~ to lose my cute ruffles and girly floral prints. It will be very had. haha! But I want to try to look androgynous. I think I would look like a very handsome scrawny boy hahaha.

Yuhei Sasaki Originals~ 
this will be priceless designer pieces
I admire Yuhei's aesthetic so much I even told him I want to wear something he designed. i shall be his first Filipina client! haha! And I was so touched to when he sent me his "First Designer Pieces" when he was a fashion student then... i can't wait for them to arrive haha this shall supplement my "Androgynous" look plight haha. I am more than grateful! You are very kind, Yuhei!

I look forward everyday to see Yuhei's twtpic posts of his fashionable outfits. It makes me very inspired. I always tell him to keep the fashion photos comin'! 

I am really looking forward to meeting him again in Tokyo when I comeback this October. I can't wait to take fashion pictures with him haha! And I will definitely get his autograph or something! haha

I wouldn't be surprised if one day I see him feature in Tune Magazine. That would be sooo coool! haha! i wil definitely get a copy and show it off here in Manila! Haha!

And now, more of my favorite looks of Yuhei Sasaki~ androgynous Tokyo designer~ 

Looks to me he's wearing very expensive clothes haha. I wonder~|

I like Yuhei's look here... looks like
a good-looking guy and pretty girl haha
Super fashinable young professional! I love this photo!


  1. di ba parang ganyan din magdamit si andre chang?ang cool siguro pag nagsama sila :)

  2. I suggest you talk to him and get friendship again.

    1. We didn't end our friendship, it's just there's nothing much to talk about with Yuhei recently...


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