Thursday, April 28, 2011

The FOXY Lady getting tamed.

Lately, I've noticed myself taming down. Not that anyone made me do it or obliged me to do so. But I now realized how it feels, I knew what it meant when I read the novel "The Little Prince",  I think what I started to learn is what is depicted in this lines (which once again I will quote...)
"It would have been better to come back at the same hour," said the fox. "If, for example, you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy. I shall feel happier and happier as the hour advances. At four o'clock, I shall already be worrying and jumping about. I shall show you how happy I am! But if you come at just any time, I shall never know at what hour my heart is to be ready to greet you . . . One must observe the proper rites . . ."
"What is a rite?" asked the little prince.
"Those also are actions too often neglected," said the fox. "They are what make one day different from other days, one hour from other hours. There is a rite, for example, among my hunters. Every Thursday they dance with the village girls. So Thursday is a wonderful day for me! I can take a walk as far as the vineyards. But if the hunters danced at just any time, every day would be like every other day, and I should never have any vacation at all."
I just want to say that it feels nice to be tamed. To wait for someone/ something /some time, it just feels good to wait because I know I am waiting for something... not nothing and not wonder what happens. I feel safe and I don't have to feel that uncertain feeling.    

I never knew how it is to be patient. I just didn't know how to be. I want to get things done, if no one can do it for me, I'd do it myself. I never thought someone can do it for me so I don't wait, I just do it. May be that's why I'm so sassy... I'm just aggressive and outspoken. I dunno. It's just a thought.

I know I'll always be the FOXY lady. But as read on yet another time "The Little Prince" I want to know how it feels to be "The Little Prince's Rose"
"Go and look again at the roses. You will understand now that yours is unique in all the world. Then come back to say goodbye to me, and I will make you a present of a secret."
The little prince went away, to look again at the roses.
"You are not at all like my rose," he said. "As yet you are nothing. No one has tamed you, and you have tamed no one. You are like my fox when I first knew him. He was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But I have made him my friend, and now he is unique in all the world."
And the roses were very much embarassed.
"You are beautiful, but you are empty," he went on. "One could not die for you. To be sure, an ordinary passerby would think that my rose looked just like you--the rose that belongs to me. But in herself alone she is more important than all the hundreds of you other roses: because it is she that I have watered; because it is she that I have put under the glass globe; because it is she that I have sheltered behind the screen; because it is for her that I have killed the caterpillars (except the two or three that we saved to become butterflies); because it is she that I have listened to, when she grumbled, or boasted, or ever sometimes when she said nothing. Because she is my rose...
And he went back to meet the fox.
"Goodbye," he said.
"Goodbye," said the fox. "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
"What is essential is invisible to the eye," the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember.
"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important."
"It is the time I have wasted for my rose--"
said the little prince, so that he would be sure to remember.
"Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose . . ."
"I am responsible for my rose," the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember.
May be it feels nice someone would take responsibility of me... like "The Rose". It seems so precious to think about it.... Now I really understand the value of patience and waiting how everything seems to feel more fit as time passes by.

Amazing. I'm getting tamed. Like a damsel in distress, and not the fiesty wicked witch. I'm beyond words. Appalled in amazement of something almost impossible. 

This is especially dedicated to someone who taught me patience. My words can never be enough... That's why I'll never stop talking haha j/k.


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