Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely McDonald's TVC

McDonald's has the most heartfelt and sentimental TVC's I've ever seen... Really... It melts my heart haha. Atreyu even want to wait for this TVC, instead of watching a real TV Show. Well, I'm really sad and upset that CBCP (Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines), a bunch of prude self righteous "dogma" of Catholic Church banned this commercial.

I just don't see the malice in it. They're the one putting malice into it! Everybody had that puppy love. Come on! Okay haha sorry I got upset. haha.

Anws, because I cannot watch this anymore on freeTV, I'll post it on my own blog. Haha. I love this! <3 Atreyu always says... "Ang CUTE nila!!"

So cute right? haha I wish I had that kind of puppy love haha. i think i was too weird then for boys to like me haha. But I had a nursery crush I remember he's a Chinese classmate named Eric Teng haha. I wonder what he does now. hhaha.

Oh this one made me cry because when this McDo commercial aired,  I just came out from a break-up... from an ex who broke-up with me  for his first GF. haha booo. Bad bitter memories haha! But It's nice too! Especially the line.. "At kahit hindi kami naging kami sa huli, siya pa rin ang first love ko..." ("And even if we didn't end up together in the end... She will always be my first love.") Soooooo heartbreaking!!

"First Love"

Nostalgic memories~ of the pretending to be forever 21 girl haha.

I miss blogging BTW... I'll blog during the Holy Week catch up on reflection. Good morning y'all!


  1. check mo blogspot ko. hahahhaha.

  2. I can open the CM now but remember there was a nice one.


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