Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Tie that Binds

"The Tie that Binds"

This wedding gown is inspired by the concept of "tying the knot" in weddings. Highlights on the knots made by strip fabrics of illusion tulle and pinya fabric. An asymmetrical cut ball gown inspired gown, with a grandiose bubble bouffant skirt of rich satin fabrics, highlights the grandiose fantasy of a bridal gown. Accented  with crystals and beautiful head piece fit for any elegant bride completes this beautiful ensemble. It's a modern out take on elegant minimalism and surrealism on a bridal gown.

Tracy's Footnote:

It's a matter of luck... No matter how good of a talent you are. It will always be about luck and streak of wins. 

May be my winning streak is over and I don't get to be chosen anymore. It makes me a little sad of course... but it shouldn't matter so much. Contests like this is just a game. The most important thing about contests like this is I get to learn and get to have fun tickling my mind with ideas and concepts. But of course I'd be really happy if I get my winning (well, I don't really win but I closely get chosen) streak back. 

But I like joining contests, it is where I get to challenge myself with concepts and interesting ideas. As a practicing fashion designer~ I don't get to do always what I want. I also have to consider the client and sellability. With contests, it's a total creative freedom! 

On that note I post this contest poster, because the poster looks nice. The contest is on August 27, 2011. I wonder when will they announce the finalists?

Well, good luck~ The Mermaid gown looks so marvelous btw... I just love that drama. But It doesn't fit my petite and scrawny built. hehe.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Falling in Love~

Disclaimer: Please forgive my Public Display of (Cyber) Affection. It has been 9 years since I've had a tangible boyfriend and it's been 9 years since I've had the chance to take nice lovely photos with a boyfriend; it is such a milestone for me. So please forgive my public display of affection, I rarely get to do this, feel this and have this. ^_^
"The best week I had in my life! A week filled with memories that could make me smile for the rest of my life~ ♥"
My Facebook Status: May 8 at 8:10pm

Tracy and Taka by a bench in Forst Santiago, May 5, 2011. 
This was a very long an tiring and very sticky day for us.
We experienced the real downtown ghetto swindlers of Old Manila. 

Haha. I'm bathing in sweat. Disgusting. Haha~

May 5, 2011, Fort Santiago ~ This is such a nice sunset photo Taka shot. 
I love it very much. Despite the troublesome day we had... It seemed okay because we got to talk about many things and have silly misadventures under the summer heat. 

"Paparazzi Shot" May 6, 2011, Malinta Tunnel, Corregicor Island, Cavite
Okay, I am obsessed about this photo. because
#1) We look like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
#2) I love candid shots ~ We didn't know who took this and how s/he took it~ it's a mystery
#3) Because it's our first photo together we didn't have to shoot ourselves haha.
#4) Taka said it looks like a honeymoon photo haha!
We had a great time in Corregidor~ it's a nice trip.

This was the original photo. It's still nice. ^_^

May 7, 2011 SM Megamall
Oh I'm a sucker for this photo-sticker stuff. I'm such a kid.
We all look so cute here haha

May 8, 2011 NAIA 3 Baggage Check-in line.
Okay, what is up with your eye-bags, Tracy?!
I tried editing this photo to give justice but this is the best I can do haha.
It's Taka's last day and departure from Manila.

Okay... I'll edit more photos so this once-in-a-lifetime blog entry would seem longer. Haha. But for now... that's all! Love love <3

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return..."
- Moulin Rouge