Sunday, July 03, 2011

"Faith and trust all you need is pixie dust." -Tinkerbell

Because I have delusional mind, I have convinced myself I am a fairy haha. Well, I keep telling my boyfriend "I'm the manic pixie dream girl" haha. Atreyu keeps telling his classmates, "My mom has secret fairy wings" I don't know if they believe it. But they are kids may be they do. Haha!

Tinkerbell said, "Faith and trust... all you need is pixie dust" to fly... She's my favorite entity... She said that just think of happy thoughts and we could fly. How I wish that's true and I'll fill my mind with so much happy thoughts so I can fly to Japan right now. Tinkerbell, can I borrow your wings now?

Well I don't think I can. But nonetheless I will just fill this with happy thoughts and wishlist of things I oddly want to have and typical girl things I want... May be "Fantasizing" is the happiest defense mechanism. But I gotta cope up! 

Happy thought #1: That cute polka dot red shoes

Hello darling! Haha! Oh I miss you so much! Why aren't you visiting me in my dreams anymore? Oh I get the best sleep when I wake-up I'm wearing you! I thought I'm gonna have you soon but I need to be patient or be more resilient.  
I really thought I will be wearing you when I come to Japan. Oh I still wish I could have you. They say the more I claim it, it's mine. You are mine soon. Please be in my dreams tonight. Make me a happy girl in the morning. My mornings have been so lonely past few days... please come to my dream again...

Happy thought #2: I want my own colored xerox machine hahaha!

Oh I would definitely be so happy and be so unbored if I have this at my disposal! Hahaha! I will colored xerox everything and anything I want! Haha!

I remember, I used to have this privilege when I was working in an office. Oh I was such a happy colored-xerox girl!! Sometimes I get over excited ink runs out easily haha but if I have this, I'll make so many things and send to all my friends and I'll send my boyfriend more of everything haha he won't run out of things to read and see. I wonder where I'll put this though hahahaha

Happy thought #3: To have more of this...

How I wish I can look at more photos with us together. How I wish I can fly to Osaka now.  And just take photos here, there and everywhere.

I really just miss him so much.

Tinkerbell, can you work you pixie dust on any of my wishes? Please?


  1. I am tinkerballs. I do make wishes come true. Hehehhehe.

  2. Hello -

    I am in New York City - and get to see the art in MOMA very often - and every where in Manhattan - perhaps you might enjoy some of my art work as well:

  3. Tinkerbell was something you wanted to be as well. It was cute.


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