Saturday, July 16, 2011

REPOST: My Heart is in New York (October 31, 2008)

I wrote this poem on my 26th birthday, the best birthday gift I thought I had. I thought I'm flying soon to New York because my U.S. petition papers came through and Atreyu and I were both approved... I think I loved New York like a romantic lover. This poem sounds so passionate...

"My Heart is New York"

I belong to you
And you belong to me
I am your missing piece
That shall complete
Your sparks in heat
It's me, Tracy.
It's me!
Please wait for me,
My new york.
I long for your
Warm embrace
On a cold night
I can't wait
To cuddle underneath
Your wings and might
I can be your slave
And you will be my master
You are the beautiful muse
In the eyes of this enchanted beholder
i am your loyal lover
Forever and ever
I still long for you
Even a million years after
I can be anything or whatever
But if you permit,
I can be your top designer!
As long as you're mine
I will live happily ever after!

**para sa natatanging laman ng aking puso, you've got it all, my new york**
**inspirado sa good vibes na aking nararamdaman**
**malapit na tayong magkasama aking sinisintang, new york**

For the only matter in my heart, you've got it all, my New York
Inspired with the good vibrations that I'm feeling
Soon I will see you soon, my beloved, New York 


  1. You always make a poem. Such an artist in design and language! haha

  2. Your wish to NYC should be realised. You and Atreyu deserve it.

    1. What deserved is a complete family... We don't care about NYC or country hopping.


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