Friday, August 26, 2011

Purikura Happiness

This is my prettiest pixie photo ever! 
It's been three weeks since my Osaka/Kobe Trip and I still feel my heart is there. I think it's going to be a long series of Japan-Kawaii things blog entries for me for the next succeeding blog entries here. Bear with me, it will be a long time! Haha.

Well, first on my "to write list" is my new found happiness of Purikura Machines. Probably because it felt this is the best part of y trip. haha I'm so vain okay... But if I had known this Purikura Machine would be such joy... I would have done it everyday of my trip! Haha!

I wonder what were they in line for...?
 On my first day in Osaka, I was left to wander around and check out the shops and the malls. It was fun  since I'm also shopping for my sister and my friends girly shopping list. As I was going up and up to Hep 5... that popular Mall in Umeda, Osaka... I notice in the top floor was a long line of girls. I really wonder what were they falling in line for. It got me really curious and went around the floor... I went around and saw uber-girly stuff all over. Japanese Girls seems to be playing dress-up and having photos taken.
Cute Girly Frames

I just had a nice time looking at the girls seems to be having so much fun playing dress up. Looking at the cute displays and all...

Girls playing dress up
Fashionable Girly Clothes

WHOLE FLOOR filled with photobooths!
As I go round and round... I realized I have been walking around a WHOLE FLOOR seeing so many photobooths! It is literally a whole floor of various kinds of Photobooths! Wow! Japanese girls seem to love photo-booths so much! It even got me more curious! 

Happy Andrada, my fashion-friend... had some of these photos when she went to Tokyo... I noticed her Facebook profiles and she looks so lovely and so cute! I realized then may be this was the photobooth she had her photos taken. Oh I want one too!

Happy looking so Japanese!

I really wanted to have my pictures taken but at this time I fear I dunno how to operate the machines! Oh this is a moment of dumbness for me. Haha. Hey I'm excused it was just my first day in Osaka! Haha.

As my trip almost came to an end... I still wanted to have a photo taken in that Purikura Machine... But since there was a festival/firework of some sort during the weekend of my trip... The lines were longer! So many people were having photos taken then. I almost lost hope I will have my pic taken. But I still insisted to my BF to find one on my last day. Haha! Must be such a un-guy thing to find those machines and have Purikura taken haha. I love him even twice now for finding one and having a nice pic taken with me haha.

Thank you 1,000x's for having this photo taken with me! I'm so pretty!
So after this pic... I went back to my hotel and dressed up another... And I headed to the nearest Purikura Photobooth haha! It was hard to operate on my own but I got a hang of it! It's still my best pixie photo ever! I will definitely go to the nearest Purikura Machine ASAP when I come back to Tokyo in October! hahaha

Oh this was my first spoilage... haha I didnt know how to erase! All the background I didn't choose haha
There... Better! But I still didnt get to finish what I'm doing haha! I'm so pretty though! 


  1. the first picture is amazing!

  2. You did selfie before the word selfie comes up even. Always nice to see you enjoying purikiura.


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