Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'll be in Tokyo in October!!

I just got my Japan Visa in just a day! I love it! I love my
photo, too! I look so professional! Haha!
Oh how time flies so fast! I haven't even blog about my Osaka Trip last August 2011 and in less than a month I'll be going to Japan again! I'm more excited as ever because this time I'm coming back to Tokyo!!

I just love Tokyo! Needless to say! But Everything about it I'm so excited to see! I can probably walk around homeless and feel happy in Tokyo haha!

I was supposed to come last year to support Happy Andrada but I was a prisoner of my TV job then. It was one of my greatest regrets last year and i told myself this year I'm really coming back for Tokyo!

Incidentally... Taka will be transferred in Tokyo in October, too! So universe made it easy for me to be in one destination in Japan to see my friends, watch the 49th Japan Fashion Design Contest in Meguro and see my BF haha! So convenient! 

Definitely time would run so fast I'm so sure when I come to Tokyo! I should plan out my trip very so I can seize my trip! I have so many people to meet up with! I wanna do so much too! By that, i think i should write this blog and plan out the things I wanna do! Haha! This is gonna be so much fun haha!

October 2009~ after two years!
#1) Meet Yuhei , Miyoshi and Kazuya! I met Yuhei and Kazu (together with Shinya) when I went to Tokyo and I'm really looking forward to seeing them again! I'm even glad we've kept in touch with them thru twitter haha it's great to have friends of course! I always bug Yuhei and Miyoshi of many nonsense haha I hope we will have a good time in Tokyo!

Purikura Booths in Harajuku!!
#2) Take Purikura EVERYDAY ~ HAHA! Of course this will be my ultimate goal! I have already asked my BF and all my friends that we will do this! HAHA!! I get so excited just thinking about it haha!! I should plan my clothes very well!! OMG! 

okay these next succeeding things I really wanna try doing just for the fun of it haha but I dont really know if I could do it when I come to Tokyo haha but just thinking about these things makes me happy!

Max Karaoke - Little Tokyo
I wanna Sing!!
#3) I wanna VIDEOKE!! (err Karaoke... I dunno how's it called nowadays haha) i just wanna do this for a long time. It just seems fun activity to do in Tokyo if I have friends willing to join me. Haha. May be I would drag Mikas or Kaila to join me haha! But i just love singing feeling like Lady Gaga haha! I wanna do this haha!

Odaiba Ferris Wheel
I want a picture like this!
#4) Odaiba Ferris Wheel ~ since Taka didn't take me to Hep 5 Ferris Wheel (it's not his fault haha there were so many people in Hep 5 then) I wanna go to Tokyo's Ferris Wheel haha! I'm not actually a Ferris Wheel person I am actually scared of slow rides. But i think the view would be great for pictures haha! Plus I want those photo shots this girl in the picture has. I've never been in a Ferris Wheel ride abroad because I am scared of it haha this will be my first time if I get to do it on my trip! haha! 

Tokyo Tower view from Ropponggi Hills
#5) Ropponggi Hills ~ I didnt get to see Tokyo Tower when I came last time, of course i passed by it coming from the airport. I want to see it this time and I've read somewhere that the best say to see the Tokyo Tower is in Ropponggi Hills

#6) Nakagin Capsule Tower ~ this has been my fascination eversince... I like mod-designs and this architecture is spectacular. This is closed down already I think but I would certainly hope I get to see this cool building. This is just a classic avant-garde architecture!!! I hope I could find it though... I read it's near Ginza! I'll take a picture of myself here and I wanna look like Judy Jetson haha! 

#7) Reversible Destiny Lofts in Mikata, Tokyo ~ This really took my interest! I think Taka and Atreyu will like to see this place too! Imagine a house built like a plaground haha! I should take a picture here!! This is really a must see for me! But hell! it costs $700,000 USD per unit! Hahaha! It's a treasure!

WOW! Playground house!!
#8) Oh this is my favorite hobby doing overseas~ Grocery strolling!! it's so fun because Taka also like to do that! I'm so excited just to stroll around the grocery in Tokyo with Taka because we always find something interesting to laugh at and check out!
I wanna take pictures and check out everything. It's just fun! It's actually my dream date haha I am a weird girl but I'm happy I found another weird person to share it with haha! 

#8.1) Daiso shopping is fun too! haha! 

#9) Harajuku on Sundays ~ I swear I'm gonna dedicate 100 shots just for this day haha! I want to see this in real life! When I came to Tokyo I flew back to Manila on a Sunday and never got to see this! This must be a colorful sight to see!
#9.1) of course Omotesando, Shibuya and Ginza is a must pass-by too! 

#10) Watch a real Visual Kei Gig!! ~ Oh this is gonna be so cool! I'm gonna meet a fashion designer friend named Yuka Matsumoto and she invited me to come to this gig! I son't really know any Japanese Bands except for Shonen Knife, The Pillows and Oreskaband and I would be so awesome to feel like a groupie elsewhere in the world just for a night haha!! Yuka is part of the production team so I'm very proud and I feel lucky to have this chance!

I still have a million things to want to do in Tokyo... Can I just live there? Oh that would be so damn great! I can't wait for my trip!! i am so damn excited!!

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  1. We did many things on this trip I think and also your surprising bday by Yuhei... That was touching


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