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My Own ANTM-All-Stars!

I've been an  avid fan of America's Next Top Model since the first season... I must proudly say I have my own bet in all the 17 seasons. They 17th season was made into an all-star season but I didn't quite like most of the cast... they just seem catty for me but not quite tasteful... Especially that Angelea and that ghetto Bianca... and that fake Alexandria. Eew. What a waste of airing time. I just find it so one note to bring ghetto girls and predictably cause some cat fights.
Anyways, just for the fun of it... I'd like to think of my own ANTM All-Star Cast from Season 1-16... It is such a delight to make my own roster and look back at the fierce gorgeous of models of the past seasons of ANTM Era.
Let's Start? Haha~

1. Elyse Sewell, ANTM Cycle 1
Elyse Sewell
I still believe Elyse is the most successful ANTM Model of all time! She has established herself pretty well in terms of branding. Audience nowadays don't like ditsy models so much anymore. Elyse is a beauty with BRAINS! She's a pre-med and a linguistics double major graduate before entering the show. She may seem arrogant and anti-social. But it adds up to her character and she could morph into Asian-looking, Jewish looking, and just be very androgynous. They don't find models like her nowadays. 

Androgynous chameleon. I just simply love her.

Shandi Sullivan
2. Shandi Sullivan, ANTM Cycle 2  
is the geek chick! she really morphs into character with every shoot. But for me, Yoanna House really bagged the win that season but Shandi was really good too!

3. Amanda Swafford, ANTM Cycle 3 
The Legally blonde ice queen beauty. Cycle 3 is the most colorful and my ulitmate favorite! They went to Tokyo for their trip and they were all so colorful! Amanda really rocked that season and I still wonder why she never made it to top two... It should have been her and Yaya!
Amanda Swafford

Yaya Da Costa
4.Yaya Da Costa,ANTM Cycle 3
Yaya is the African-American Beauty with such class. She's a dancer and an Ivy-Leaguer Student of Brown University back then. She may have been arrogant a little... but she aced most of her photos all-through-out the season.

Kahlen Rondot

5.Kahlen Rondot, ANTM Cycle 4
Naima Mora came close neck and neck with Kahlen and she played a good fight. She is consistent and aced her shoots. May be a bit more personality? But her body, runway walk and modelling skills is truly an ALL-STAR TOP MODEL!

Nik Pace
6.Nik Pace,ANTM Cycle 5
Nik I think is an underrated model. I think her chameleon ethnicity is one of a kind but I still wonder why that mediocre Nicole won that season. It should have been Nik or Jayla.
Joannie Dodds
7.Joannie Dodds,ANTM Cycle 6
Blondes I think are the almost-had-it-but-not most of the past seasons. Joannie is one of the "Miss Perfect" Top Model but never bagged in the end. But she is interesting somehow because she's good. She was never in the bottom two all her season but may be being "too perfect" doesn't make a top model. But nonetheless she's good.

Anchal Joseph
8.Anchal Joseph,ANTM Cycle 7
I just love variety of ethnicity in the show. Anchal is so beautiful but she lacks confidence. But her beauty is very interesting. It gives the show some variety and different face to offer.

I have no bet in Cycle 8 they all seem lack-luster for me and that's why Jaslene bagged the TOP MODEL win for that season

Heather Kuzmich
9. Heather Kuzmich, ANTM Cycle 9
Heather is unique because she's psychologically really awkward because she is autistic. She is diagnosed with Asperger's disease. But nonetheless she performed well. She never stopped looking beautiful. 

10. Fatima Siad, ANTM Cycle 10
The "Young Iman" is a true-blue TOP MODEL ALL-STAR for me! You don't find model like her beauty like the legendary "Iman". Her skin is so flawless!
Fatima Siad

11. Marjorie Conrad, ANTM Cycle 11
OMG! Next to Elyse I think Marjorie is a natural born TOP MODEL! Her quirky poise gives her this unique charm. Plus she's French! I love this androgynous pixie girl! 
Her nervous character persona makes the show more interesting even!
Marjorie Conrad
12. Alison Harvard, ANTM Cycle 12
Only Alison from the airing ANTM ALL-STAR CYCLE was the girl I am really rooting for. I think she is really unique and really quirky! Her eyes is so interesting to look at and she has a deeper sense of "high art" because she's an artiste! I hope she wins this season. She should have won her season I believe so because she's so unforgettable!
Allison Harvard
Jennifer An
13. Jeniffer An, ANTM Cycle 13
Hooray for Asians! Hooray for petite girls! Among the few number of Asian ANTM contestants, I liked her face the most because she really looks so purely Asian... She's not slutty looking and she has this grace in her that brings out the beauty more. 

Ren Vokes
14. Ren Vokes, ANTM Cycle 14
This edgy beauty is so fierce too bad she didn't want to be in the show during her cycle. Who won't be wanting to go home in that season everyone seems so catty and just full of fights. But Ren really has this natural model-bad-ass type of feel. If shhe could have wanted it more... She's really gonna go  long way.

Kayla Ferrel
15. Kayla Ferrel,ANTM Cycle 15
Not because she is a lesbian that I chose her. But because she has a very elegant face. I fell in love with her Vivienne Westwood portrayal.

16. Hannah Jones, ANTM Cycle 16
Sweet Hannah makes my list just because she's so sweet. I don't like that she cries so much though. But she takes very nice high fashion photos. She and Alison should be good friend because they both seem sweet haha!

Hannah Jones
Now that's my list! I wonder who's your on bets if you have your own all-stars! I want Elyse-All-Original to win haha But they are all worthy contenders for me. they are all beautiful!

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