Sunday, September 25, 2011

Team PH for Japan Fashion Design Contest

I cant believe it's already two years since that great experience of representing the Philippines to the Japan Fashion Design Contest. Even if I didn't bag anything I felt like a winner having to come in Tokyo ans feel the boost of inspiration just by coming there... Not to mention I built great relationships with fellow designer friends. I am already a winner just with that. It is an honor to be recognized and respected in Japan, people are very appreciative of each and everyone's designs and ideas... It is a big honor to belong in the small list of talented Filipino designers who are all recognized in this contest... Jerome Lorico just won last year's contest and it is his second time to be selected and won, Veejay Floresca won a special recognition award in the same year I came, together with Nicole Mori who represented Team Philippines twice in a row; let's not forget the fashion mogul, Happy Andrada also competed last year.

This year, there are two young designers who were selected to represent Team Philippines... Johnthony Iballar and Jun (from Davao). During my time, it was like going through an eye of a needle pulling-off raising funds, making a contest piece and planning my trip to Tokyo in a span of two months. It was a difficult misadventure but it was also fulfilling to accomplish it in the end. I wish them all the best and I hope they get all the support they can get. If anyone of you wants to support them in any means you should! Please support our Filipino designers because Filipino designers are really recognized as one of the world's bests.

I am looking forward to watch this contest with so much relaxation and tense free. I wish Team Philippines and of course all the participating countries to all do well and make a good interesting show. I'll be posting photo's next month! The contest will be on the 15th of October! Crossing Fingers!!

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  1. I don't know why you are not chosen. The other candidates look insufficient with originality and boring than yours.


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