Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tracy Birthday Wish List as Requested by Taka LOL

I was waiting for Taka's text last nigh if he's about to sleep or if he is still alive haha. Oddly, he said, good night and he's safe home and... write a blog about your birthday wishlist so randomly haha! So RANDOM! I thought he was druck or something but he said he isn't haha he said he just wants to know! It's a funny anecdote too haha I think I am infecting my boyfriend of my randomness haha!

So I dedicate this blog to my funny boyfriend who asked me this list. don't worry don't feel pressured to get me anything... writing this alone makes me happy! Haha! I will write everything I could think of now haha!

Let me start off this first and foremost...

I want LV whahaha! I alway make fun and ask this even if I'm not serious! Haha! But this is the style i really like in LV Annie GM in Monogram Multicolor hahaha! So specific! I like this because it's colorful! WHAHAHA I laugh so hard just writing this! Haha!

I also want this style in LV... LV-M92647  Louis Vuitton Alma Monogram Multicolore M92647

Hahaha okay Let's be serious now... If anyone of you would like to give me gifts for my birthday... this is my birthday wishlist of my quirky and grandiose things haha! Haha serious?! haha I'm just having fun haha

1) I want a Polaroid camera! But the authentic Polaroid is hard to find nowasays and the film is also hard to find... Good thing Fuji made a modern version of Polaroid Camera it's called: Fujifilm INSTAX! The MINI version looks so cute there's pink camera but the WIDE has better photos! Of course if anyone intends to give me this please give me a film too haha! I like the wide one though. I wonder how much is this haha if I get more work I will get this for myself haha!

I wish there's other colors for the wide one too!
But the MINI has nice colors haha!

2) Eau de Toilette
I am a sucker for scents and my most favorite scent in the world is GAP Heaven but I rarely get to find it. I actually have a roster of perfumes I love and I always give this to myself when I really feel I have worked so hard. Haha. Okay here's the roster of photos haha

GAP Heaven
Brings back teenager memories haha
I am not sure if this was the one I like or the clear one but I like all Issey Miyake scents!

3) Pop Art Love

This bag was stolen from me two years ago and I was really sad to lose it... It's my favorite bag because it's so artsy and I use everywhere. I dunno where to get this though...
It's Mona Lisa Tote Bag by Andy Warhol by Loop

4) 2012 Planner

Mommy Calendar for Atreyu's School Needs!

I am such a scatter brain because of my juggling act of being a mom, freelancing, meeting with clients. I really need a decent planner. Please give me PLANNERS! LOL! Haha I need one of each function.

I would need something for my Mommy Duties above all! I want this Calendar because Atreyu can see and write his schedules too while I post it on a wall at home.

But I think I would still need something I could bring anywhere. I saw this cute Kimmidoll Diary Calendar in a bookstore... And it looks okay... Well, as long as it has a big space for writing I think I would like... Ohhh I remember there's this Cath Kidston Planner I saw and it's very functional and colorful!! Well just scroll down to see what I'm talking about! I really need this! Haha!
Cute Planner

Cath Kidston
5) Satisfy my SWEET TOOTH!
This candy is so romantic haha
Okay I am officially like a kid. I have these very distinct craving for candies and sweets and I really miss having these. Haha! just finding photos of these candies makes me want it more! Hahaha! Give me candies! Haha!

I like sour tarts and strawberry flavored chocolates haha.

German Chocolates I miss on keeping to myself LOL i won't share haha
German Chocolate I won't share either LOL
Sour Tarts

Is this candy only available on Valentine's Day? haha i want this!

6) My Pink Lilium Flowers
I always write this on my wish list every year but i still havent got this hahaha I still want it though.

7) Postcard from all-over the world
Make the world closer to each other~
It would still be nice if I get a postcard Birthday greeting from all over the world~ Makes me feel the world is closer to each other.

8) Via Airmail

Look at my iphone case airmail!
I'm really really fascinated with Airmail Prints now. So I'm falling in love with anything AirMail design. I just love seeing it and that red and blue lines. I'm even thinking of a design inspired by it haha! if you wanna make me happy this would do! Haha

9) That PINK Casette Design iPhone Case!! OMG!! This is perfect with my Hot Pink Bag! haha! Okay... I am obsessed with Pink! Haha But this is really cute!

My favorite photo haha
10) Because I'm a Japanese Magazine hoarder... Haha~I would like all these magazines... even if I can't read them I love all the fashion I see always haha!

11) DVD Marathon
I havent thought of a list but the first thing I wanna have a copy of id Norwegian wood and Cashback my two favorite films the I rarely watched just once.

This will be continued once again...


  1. Such a passinate entry and I miss seeing this kind of mood in your writing. Let's do it again.

    1. Yeah I miss this too... I wanna get back to this again too!

  2. I like this kind of post as I said... Your blog will be much enlightened with this mood.

    1. What for? I have no further desires anymore, may be I'm partly dead now.


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