Monday, December 05, 2011

All I want for Christmas

I noticed that I really love making lists.Wow! It's nearly a year ago since I made this blog and I've kept it barely alive haha. Sorry. I wish I have more chance and time to write on you more. But nowadays, in this time of so many social apps all over the mobile and internet world, instant blogging or photo posting is most likely the way to go.

I wanna work for UNIQLO! Help me universe!
As the year ends and I can think of is wishing for bigger goals and more stable life. All I am really hoping for is to get a job in Uniqlo in Tokyo. It has been my dream to work in Tokyo since I came there the first time. This is all I want... Under some technicalities I might not be qualified to apply so I'm really anxious, but I still tried. There's no harm in trying, right? Anyway i can only hope for the best and just pray hard. I always pray, "Grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, the courage to change things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference." Well, I might need to pray a little harder nowadays and ask for the greater force of the universe to support me in my dream. I passed my application on the last minute of application period. It is a whole lots of soul searching and took me alot of convincing in myself that I should do it. To be honest I am pretty scared to try out and not get accepted I think I will feel sadder. But it's done. All I can do is pray harder.

Please pray for me peeps. I'd probably need it more than ever.

This was supposed to be my Christmas wishlist, I almost forgot. I just have some minor wishes this time since I don't really think of any other thing now but my job application. But it's good to keep a list so in case I get a chance to get them, I have it all listed somewhere...

1. Cath Kidston Journal

Luckily, I have consumed three of this journal this year~ It's great! More than anything having something to write is what I am most thankful about. I've ran out my last page on my third notebook... unfortunately it's no longer sold in Manila or barely even sold in Manila now. Last time I found one piece in Fully Booked it's almost damaged and crumpled may because it's the last piece...? I hope i can find one these days.

2. Mac Book Pro
I need to replace my old fossil laptop. It's been almost four years since I had it and it's now in poor condition. I really need to replace my laptop and this time I decided to opt for Mac. 

3. Christmas with Taka

I know this is already impossible to happen. But I just wish that we could spend Christmas together. We're celebrating seven months BTW... just today! I miss him very much. Everyday I miss him.


  1. Let's make more things happen! I love you and your dreams.

    1. That's so nice. You should write that in your wedding vow to me hahaha! (So bossy) but I love you too and how you support my dreams. Sorry I'm not as supportive as I should be...

  2. I am sorry for lack of support on your feeling all the time. It is such a failure of mine.


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