Friday, February 17, 2012

My Dream Valentine's Day Gifts ~ After the most miserable day I've had.

Well, it's such a miserable week for me. A week of arguments on Valentine's Day. I'm so tired and I still feel so sad. Well, I'll stop whining. I'm writing this entry to amuse myself. Next year, I'll look back to this entry and remember what I wanted and what I didn't want. haha.

As I've said... It won't hurt if I stare at them... Since I can't have these things now... I'll stare at them instead! Haha! Another lesson learned... I won't have these things if I don't get it myself. So next year, I'll be preparing myself this things. haha! Better like that, at least I won't be disappointed by anybody.

Pink Happiness! Haha!
Okay let me roll-call the first batch! Haha! 1) Pink Lilium bouquet, 2) Sweetheart Tart Candies, 3) Pink Domo Stuffed Toy, 4) Strawberry Flavored KitKat

Aren't they cute? Haha! Well, I can get the Kitkat by myself today. So I better make this entry fast haha!

The Hot Pink Collection haha! 
Roll-call again! 1) Betsey Johnson Charm Bracelet 2) Kuromi ~ my Sanrio alter-ego (we have the same birthdays!) 3) Leopard Hello Kitty 4) A Tacky Heart Shaped Betsey Johnson Earrings! Haha!

Black and Whites!

Roll-call! All Betsey Johnson accessories! Bracelet, Earrings and Necklace! Looks so fancy haha!

Hello Love!

TIFFANY & CO FLOWER ENGAGEMENT RING PINK SAPPHIRE DIAMOND SOLID PLATINUM $1,999.00 Haha! Yeah... Dream on! It won't kill me to dream!

After all.. This is the Manic Pixie Dream Girl dreaming again... whatelse can I do? I've had the worst most unromantic week ever. All I can do is whine, sulk, or day dream how else I'll get over it!

But lesson learned is ~ Tracy.. do it yourself!

Gomen Nasai for a very bitter and materialistic blog post, it was my stress reliever during this sad times.

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  1. I did not want to make it misreable but I am very sorry...


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