Friday, February 17, 2012

Toreishi's Attempt to Prepare Valentine's Day Japan Style

One for the notes... Valentine's Day Disaster 2012
Preparing Valentine's Day Japan Style: Oddly, Valentine's Day in Japan requires most work for Girls and non for the Guys. It was a very different custom to what I may have known... V-Day in my own tradition is my time to receive some sweets or some gifts or something! But in Japan, the guys are the lucky ones who gets to sit and wait for their "Giri Choko" from friends and colleagues and "Honmei Choco" from their GF's.

I wanted it to be special because it was our first Valentine's Day as BF-GF's and as I've learned more about Honmei-Choko, the most special ones were home-made by GF's... So I ambitiously tried to make my Japanese BF a Honmei-Choko for our first Valentine's Day as a couple...

January 2012
My attempt to make Honmei-Choko for my Japanese BF. 

I eagerly prepared for this even a month ahead and tried to figure-out how to do it. BUT It didn't turn out great actually, I dunno what I kept doing wrong but it ended up turning to rock-hard candy and I didn't even like I myself either. Haha.
January 2012
It was our first attempt to make Honmei-Choko for Taka.
It was a disaster! They became hardcandy!
Even when I tried two times there was this strange error I kept making it. May be I bought the wrong ingredient? How dumb was I! haha! 

Well, I tried for the second time, I tried to make Honmei Choko
I hope he likes it... Even if it's not my best cooking!
Huhuhu better luck next year!

But nonetheless, even if it was humiliating and probably the most disgusting thing I've tried making. I still managed to send and make something special...  
Off to Tokyo! Sending my love and
 nicely packed gift for Valentines Day!
My Valentine's Day Parcel for my Japanese Boyfriend: OFF TO TOKYO!

I even made a nice card with nice film strips. And lovely letter to compensate my miserable home-made gift haha!
I collected some of our photos together looking like some nice films! haha! 

I have this wild imagination that we fit to have our own film. Haha! #1 because I enjoyed train-rides with my BF, I think we can be in "My Sassy Girl" #2 because we both love "Norwegian Wood" (I made him like it too! LOL) and since we love grocery shopping... I put in "Cashback".

I found this quirky Valentine's Day Card that fits my movie-themed V-Day Strips!
Some cool quirky V-Day Cards I've found!

And these I made them all to celebrate my first Valentines Day with my Japanese Boyfriend... but one thing I have learned to understand is the HEAVY WORK DEMAND  especially few weeks before the end of fiscal year in Japan. I was sad and even got angry how he didn't even gave importance to all my effort... But he got too busy and buried  with work that we didn't get to catch up. He was transferring from Tokyo to Kyoto and everywhere-else... It was a hard phase for me to understand a different culture other than what I've come accustomed to. BUT...

(Photo grabbed from my BF's Instagram)
After a few weeks, Taka finally got a hand of the Valentine's Day Gift for him
When my Japanese Bf received my my Valentine's Day Gift for him... I finally felt relieved that he was so happy about it... And you know where's the real love here? 

(Photo grabbed from my BF's Instagram)
Taka's first bite at my disastrous Honmei-Choko!
... Yup. There it is. Despite my disgustingly disastrous Honmei-Choko for  my Japanese BF, that I didn't even want to eat myself... I found love. 

(I prayed hard he won't get food poisoning from it, though. HAHA!)

❤Happy Valentine's Day!❤


  1. the first time i learned about this custom and made it into a conversation starter with a nun in japan, she was like "that is NOT japanese culture" with brows wrinkled and all. a disastrous conversation starter. haha.

    anyway, found this article and it seems legit. number 7 might be of interest.

    p.s. looks like taka really gnawed on your choco-love lolly. :))

    1. Hey Mikas!! Haha! Yes that must be more politically correct. Haha. This probably a "Japanese Consumerist Tradition" haha!

  2. Ohhhh your hand made chocolate. That's my memory and it was such a sweetness of yours... Thank you as always.

  3. This is my favorite moment. Thanks for the sweetest chocolate.


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