Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Sunken Garden Sanctuary

One of my favorite photo of all time!
The U.P. Sunken Garden is one of my special sanctuary where I could find peace and nice relaxed time. It's one of the most special places for me.

Taka and I shared nice times talking about many things about life and everything and anything under the sun. It's the first place I took him last year when he first came to Manila.

One time he requested me to take pictures of me and Atreyu in the Sunken Garden... It was actually a nice request... To have a special reason to go there and take lovely photos!

Well... There's really nothing much I can say but I just wanna post the photos Atreyu and I took. It was a bit afterlunch at this time and the sun was really starting to be too hot! As I mentioned previously, summer is coming in Manille! But with this view~ It's the best.

It's always the best here.

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  1. I love Sunken Garden. It is peaceful and natural place where we can be as we are.


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