Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Wonderful World of Kawaiiness!

Feb. 19, Sun.
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From Japan, home of Kawaii culture, we bring you the latest trend of "Kawaii" captured in Tokyo. Up to the minute info on Kawaii 'people', 'experiences' and 'items', everything that the globally expanding "Kawaii" followers are craving to know is here!

It's also a participatory program, with features like picture posting events where worldwide viewers can join in. Our guest star in this edition is Misako Aoki, world famous Lolita fashion model and also in the panel of judges of the facebook "kawaii.i Lolita Contest". The award winner of this contest will be announced in the program. And don't miss the lively "girl talk" joined by amateur models appearing frequently in magazines!
 - From NHK World TV Programs

OMG! This has been the happiest moment of my television watching-life. This has been what I've been missing my entire life! An all-around news about kawaii culture around the world! Ohhh I wonder how I could get in-touch with this show! I wanna work for you!! I learned so much and I get so excited seeing the overloading cuteness!
I'm looking forward to more!!

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  1. You don't watch Kawaii international anymore... That is sad.


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