Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cooking Japanese Curry

My new hobby of cooking Japanese Curry!

Recently, I have been fascinated with cooking anything.  I don't know if this is out of boredom being forced to be domesticated tending to Atreyu and managing household... Or I'm really getting older that I'm starting to develop a fascination over cooking meals and really making rice dishes.  I'm the laziest mom ever. I just drown Atreyu with Chicken Nuggets or some other fried food and probably my biggest vice is food delivery. 

But may be my body is starting to abhor the   fastfood flavor and fried stuff. I sometimes get restless at night and just whip something up... Like French Toast or some random pasta.

Arigatou Farah-Sensei for
my first Japanese Curry!
I've recently developed my cooking skill with making Japanese Curry. I'm feeling so conceited about it. Haha! because Atreyu being a very picky eater always finishes his meal with complete meat and vegetables! He really loves my cooking! Then When I invite my sibling for meals at my home, they are always so excited and enthusiastic about my cooking! Haha! Atreyu even requested me to make Japanese Curry for his birthday and I'm so happy Santi and Cho loved it as well!

I started learning about cooking Japanese Curry when I received a Japanese Curry gift from our Christmas Party in my Nihongo Kurasu in U.P... I even thought it was a precooked meal that I'll just open and eat... But it wasn't! LOL! How silly am I to even think it's an instant meal! 

Well to have something new in my blog... I want to share my recipe. Although I'm not a very empirical cooker... I always base it on my gut feeling... Little tasting here and there... But let me try...

Tracy's Japanese Beef Curry

1/2 Kilo Diced Beef
1/4 Kilo Marble Potato
200 Grams Corn & Carrots frozen vegetable (well you may use the fresh ones too but I'm too lazy to peal)
1 Club Garlic minced
1 Onion chopped
Oregano & Basil
Salt & Pepper
Japanese Curry Mix (one box contains two packs, for this serving, one pack is enough)

1. Mix beef with garlic, onion, salt & pepper, oregano & basil to make the beef more tastier. Put aside
2. Cut marble potatoes to half and boil until soft and cooked. Strain and put aside.
3. Sautee with butter and garlic the marinated beef , let the meat juices tenderize the meat. 
4. Mix in carrots & corn 
5. Add water, continue mixing until flavor and meat and vegetables are well cooked and mixed.
6. Add the Japanese Curry Mix and stir consistently, flavor should be well blended to avoid uneven and powdery taste.
7. Mix in cooked potatoes.
8. Serve with rice!!


 Haha! There you go! Well, sorry It's a bit vague! But I really tried my best to be vivid! Haha! I think I'm better at demonstration than procedures! Haha! But at least for posterity's sake and for something new in my blog! Itadakimasu!!

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  1. You did good it on your bday party. Everyone loved your curry,


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