Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kitkat Overload

This KitKat Story has been long overdue... Sumimasen (>_<) Anyways better late than never! actually I have been KitKat craving and overeating this recent days. Well, it's by choice, I actually decided to try to gain some weight because I'm literally shrinking! Haha! Anyways that's another story. I was really working on writing about my lustful affair with special flavored Kitkats from Japan! Haha!

And yes... I'm enjoying every geeky minute of how I talk about KitKat so passionately! Haha!

Well, it all started from my Tokyo Trip last year (October 2011) To be honest I'm more of a candy girl than a chocolate lover... But my Kitkat experience made me both now haha! I've recently become chocolate freak haha!

I wanna thank HunnyBo for asking me to get her these KitKats in Tokyo. I didn't have any idea about it at first but learning about it made me curious even more haha! Whenever I go somewhere I really like buying things for friends and my sisters! It makes my trip more fun and adventurous! I always like a shopping challenge! Haha! 

KIX is a great shopping place too! haha
It was a challenge in deed, even my Japanese BF didn't know where to get those KitKats at first so I was worried I can't find them. I tried scouring Tokyo but I must admit that my grocery shopping skills in Tokyo is a bit rusty. Haha! I actually haven't had a chance to roam around a real grocery store in Tokyo probably because I'm to enthralled with all the fashion and neon lights of Tokyo Life. But luckily, upon reaching Osaka for my flight back to Manila... I got the chance to scour throughly Kansai Internation Airport. I can't believe an airport mall seems so complete I didn't even need to go elsewhere! Haha! 

Grabbed from Nina's Instagram haha!
Thanks for introducing me to these Kitkat loves!
I'm relieved I found HunnyBo's request and I gotten curious with it myself. Probaly it was even more expensive in the airport... so next time I come back to Japan, I'll really find where to get them in the local stores! I think I got her Greentea and another tea flavor... It was really hard to choose from everything else... I think I found 10 various flavors and it was really hard to pick which ones to get. Well, I'm sure they all taste great. I myself got little packets of Green Tea and Strawberry and those two little packet was enough to satiate and make me into this Kitkat addicted girl. Haha! From that time on, I think I never stopped bugging Taka to find me Kitkat and I just can't stop talking about it.

(I am lucky I don't gain weight despite my junk food addiction haha)

I was so trying to hoard them but I can't help finishing it!

Probably one of my silly, impertinent fantasies is to have a through taste test of all the Japanese KitKats available. Isn't that so glutton! Haha! Well to the least, I wish I can easily buy them anywhere and anytime I feel like having it! May be because they have nice colorful packaging designs? May be they look so Pop-Art? May be that's why I'm hypnotized to obsessed about them haha!
My most favorite flavor is Greentea (Ryokucha) and Strawberry (Ichigo) well given they were the first special flavors I tasted they made a lasting impression to me.

You can find KitKats here.
2F Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Thanks for relieving my cravings
Moshi  Moshi!
I was glad and ecstatic to "discover" that Moshi Moshi in Katipunan sells KitKats in small packets. Well, they also have interesting menu but I think selling Kitkats is the main attraction of their store. So far, i think they have the most reasoble retail price, they sell small boxes with two packets of KitKat bars for 100 PhP... In KIX, I got those small packs for 150 Yen (thats roughly 80 PhP) I think that fair enough and convenient for me because it's just walking distance to my place haha!

A twitter friend of mine @eivryn recently gave me tip about a small Japanese Grocery Store in Metrowalk in Ortigas selling more varieties of flavors of KitKats. the name of the store is Subarashi. It's actually a cute little place with lots of Japanese treats. I actaully felt like a girl in a candyshop going there... But I think their pricing is a bit too much. 

KitKat Candyshop!
Subarashi, 2F Metrowalk, Ortigas, Pasig City
Well, may be the demand is really high so may be consumers don't mind. I don't really know. But I think I had a moment of Impulsive shopping upon seeing those small packs which costs 60PhP each the small boxed chocolated that costs 100 in Moshi-Moshi is 160 there mark up indeed haha... Atreyu and I impulsively got 9 packs. Oh dear how impulsive!

Our impulsive loots! We loved them anyways haha!
We had our mini-taste testing with the flavors we got interested in... 
1. Strawberry Cheesecake ~ just taste like milder strawberry KitKat flavor
2. Blueberry Cheesecake ~ Atreyu said it tastes like "Dewberry" now I felt robbed haha... Dewberry is just a 10PhP biscuit!
3. Wasabi ~ seemed interesting... it kinda tastes like Greentea with some spunk of spice... but I find it milder than i imagined. 
4. Sweet Potato ~ this was a surprise actually! of all the flavors we got this was really interesting and has mild yet sweet flavor in it... May be the stranger it sound the more interesting it tastes!

I'm interested to taste melon flavor actually... It might be good too! May be next time I'll have my impulsive shopping mood I'll have another taste testing runs! OMG me and my cravings! Haha! 

I'm Tracy, the flavored Kitkat addict. LOL!


  1. Aww. I love kitkat too! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! :)

    Your twitter friend,
    Aivrin aka eivryn ;p

  2. Do they have rare and complete Pocky flavors too? :)
    Hope you can post the prices here, including the Kitkats! :)

  3. The prices are posted here.. Just scan through the texts (^.^)


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