Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That "Lucky-Cat"

There's a funny story behind Maneki-Neko between me and Taka. Whenever I remember it I burst in to laughter. 

It was during right after my Tokyo Trip that I felt so miserable because Globe bill shocked me with a whopping 36,000.00 PhP cellular phone charges in Tokyo. I felt so so so sad how much money wasted was this. BTW, I didn't even get to use the Globe roaming and they still insist on billing me this. BOOOOO. Yeah Globe sucks!!

I kept crying over spilled milk over it because it's really such a big waste of money that I didn't even avail. That could have been another worth of a trip to Tokyo... But all goes down to corrupt cellphone company.

I felt so miserable and Taka was really very supportive trying to talk to me and cheering me up. I keep saying... "I'm the most unlucky person in the world... Why me? Why me?" and he just tries to cheer me up. It was a bit sad because it was also my birthday and it's so sad to be sad on birthdays...

I randomly said... "I think I need that lucky cat."

and Taka answered baffled, "What type of cat is that?" (He was thinking what breed of cat could be the lucky one)

Then I sent him this photo:

I said, "This one! It's the Lucky Cat, right?"
And for a moment then, we forgot why we were feeling so gloomy because of Maneki Neko! Haha! Taka thought all the while I was talking about some special breed of cat while I'm talking about this Japanese sculpture.

Ever since then, we have grew some fascination over Maneki-Neko... It just makes us happy in a childish and silly kind of way.

I even got to collect some of our random Maneki-Neko fascinations... Here are some of them:

Maneki-Neko in a Milktea Shop in Katipunan Road, Quezon City

An Army of Maneki-Neko in Saizen Shop... (I love DAISO BTW)

Taka amidst his busy business trip in Zurich in November 2011 didn't fail to send me this cute flock of Maneki-Neko in Zurich, Switzerland. LOL

I'm seriously stalking this Maneki-Neko Stuffed Toy in Trinoma. 
I wanted to give this as Valentine's Day Gift for Taka.
But I'm still thinking about it. I'm hoping I will find a cuter one! But i always stalk this specific toy haha!
And of course... Taka brought the cutest candies when he came to visit me in Manila! This was supposedly for the kids but I hoarded it for myself! I love this Umesh-tasting candy! I love the wrapper most especially! Haha!
It's a funny story we have that I always cherish. It's a strange fascination with cats... Haha! I can imagine someday we live in a house with lots of Maneki-Neko's! That would be a joy!


  1. kawaii!!!
    ever since maneki-neko was use on an arashi japan tourism campaign (here:, i've now think of them as cute stuffs (before i only think of them as weird lucky item of those chinese shops)

    absolutely adore the round cat~~ choo kawaii!!!

    nya~ <3

    1. Yeah! Maneki Neko always looks so inviting and always smiling! We love him ~ me kareshi and my son! We are Maneki nako freaks haha!

    2. hihi. they are~! it's like the cat has this mischievous smile that says 'i know you can't resist me, so come here'.. must be the reason it was put to attract costumers at shops~~

  2. Maneki Neko is nice. I still have one at home and so cute.

    1. Please return that to me. You don't need it right? You left it back home right?


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