Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tracy's Dear Diary: Happy Easter! Spring Awaits!

Happy Easter everyone!! After an utterly boring unproductive hot day...
I feel so energized today to welcome Easter!
Easter is new life!
Let's all reboot to have a new!
I love green teas in the morning~ and my Kawaii clutters!
Holyweek in the Philippines is one of my most unfavorite holidays. The extreme hot tropical summer officially begins and it's EXTEREME!!

Well, I'm just a simple home buddy nowadays... But I cannot enjoy full home-buddy relaxation when restaurant and fast-foods aren't available on the Holyweek. Yeah. Bite me. It's a small sacrifice I know.

But as a natural effect... I felt utterly bored. I never felt so happy and anticipating of Easter where I can finally grab a cold drink from across the street or just simple embrace the city civilization.

Moreover, I felt thankful. The anticipation made me feel a new zest. Like spring... I wanna make new beginnings and new plans ahead. Like shedding off old skin to make new... 

I really want to see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan. I'm so jealous of Taka and all my Japan-based friends... I wish I could see them at sight it must be so beautiful. 

Well I have to be contented with this for now...

April 9, 2012 Good Morning Sakura! Taka sent me this lovely photo of Sakura on his way to work in Osaka last Monday. It felt deeper than it looks... Especially with what has happened in the recent times to Taka. I love this photo.
I love spring. Even if I haven't really experienced spring... I just love how fresh and rejuvenated we all can be. As the cold brutal winter ends, some may not survive, some may... but Spring seems so lovely and gentle cradling everyone of a promising life ahead.


  1. I also wanted to see a cheery blossom someday :)

  2. I am very sorry for not making you see sakura . This is my biggest regret.

    1. you have alot of biggest regret, it's kinda getting boring now can't you say anything else?


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