Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tracy's プリクラ in Tokyo

One of my most favorite memories of my Tokyo Trip last October was the simple joy I got from taking these プリクラ Photos! I didn't have much money during this trip but I felt a million bucks with every snaps I get haha!

If I had more time then I would have taken プリクラ photos... But 7 photos for my 8-day trip was enough haha! Recently I've been missing Tokyo or even Japan in general... I just miss these mundane moments in Shibuya searching for Purikura booths. Therefore due to this feeling of longingness... I wanna share my kawaii プリクラ photos!

Purikura Photo #1: October 16, 2011 Has to be with Taka! Haha!
We took this Purikura in Takeshita Dori  after watching Namie Amura in Harajuku
Photo #2: Just same haha. Taka looks prettier than me haha! 
Photo #3: October 17, 2011 with Little Kaila-chan! We literally GPRS-ed
The Purikura place in Shibuya! I really has so much fun with her!!

Photo #4: October 17, 2011 still with Kaila-Chan!! This was so cool because Kaila has some student card or something that allowed us to use costumes from the Purikura booths!! We dressed up like students!!
Photo #5: October 18, 2011 Okay I dont like this photo so much haha! I didn't know my cute green skirt would washout in the photo. Haha! I was so conscious taking Purikura photos alone in Takeshita Dori haha! Plus I was sick this time... but I still rocked it!! 

Photo #6: October 19, 2011 Oh I super love my photo here! LOL! This was my last night in Tokyo and  despite of my short day... I really enjoyed my alone time walking around Shibuya.

Photo #7: October 17, 2011 with Junnie Artajo! I'm so delighted to spend sometime with Junnie who just won second place in the Japan Fashion Design Contest!! Pinoy Pride! But it was also fun to show him around Shibuya like little sibling haha! We enjoyed taking this Purikura!!
I've been missing my Japan trips so much and I want a new Purikura photo haha! Well looking at them always makes me happy!

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  1. Your Purikura fantasy is always fun. And I remember that Atreyu used call it puikuya.


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