Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oriental Spring

Once again, I tried my luck to join a design contest. Although my long lost winning streak has been long and lost... I just try for posterity's sake and for my own personal amusement. I won't mind getting chosen again though... Who wouldn't want to participate in an international contest! Of course I would love that.

Anyways, this is the contest poster of the "Third Asian Wedding Arts and Design Competition 2012" that I joined.  I even had some technical problems submitting my entry because emails kept bouncing back... I even had to call the Hongkong office five times just to make sure they got my entry. Come to think of it, it doesn't really matter so much... Anyways I just do hope my entry was counted at least.

I really like this contest poster actually... It has this fresh spring charm to it that's why I was enticed to sketch something... This time I tried my luck with the Evening Gown /  Qipao Category. Last year I was really into wedding designs but I didn't get any luck getting picked haha. Well, let's cross fingers I'll be having some luck this time. If not, well, for posterity's sake it's always nice to draw and get to post some of my fashion illustrations. I really miss fashion illustration it's just a very slow process to me. I feel like I'm introspecting everytime I sketch... Oh yeah I design so personal and intimate like that. LOL~

My initial sketch posted on IG

Well, let me share my "Oriental Spring" design here... I was actually surprised when I posted this on Instagram and Facebook and got lots of likes. Hehe. I feel so encouraged and motivated! I got my first kick in of inspiration from Katy Perry's Cheongsam Red Carpet outfit in MTV Video Music Awards last year where she rocked a neon colored ensemble matched with a cute kamikazari headpiece. I just love how she rocks everything in a quirky kind of way! 

But may be I'm more subdued and softer nowadays that my design evolved into a more romantic and softer feel. I dunno haha! I love and I super long for experiencing spring in Japan that I got so inspired doing this... that if I get picked for this contest I have an excuse to go to Tokyo and source my Kimono Silk fabric~ haha excuses LOL. But I enjoyed making it and thinking about nice Japanese Kimono Silk Prints. I'm really into those right now and hopefully I can come up with a nice collection in the coming months from this!

Katy Perry is my inspiration!

"Oriental Spring" by Tracy Dizon: One piece long gown ensemble in Japanese kimono silk with panel cut-out bodice and gold silk piping panels with peek-a-boo cut-out pieces around the bodice.


P.S. Last time I check the organizers said they will announce the finalists today. I guess I didn't get in coz I haven't heard anything today! Boo! Oh well! I still like my "Oriental Spring" Design haha!


  1. In addition to modern pop art, oriental one would be good for your wedding clients. You should explore more in Kyoto.


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