Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taka and Tracy's Grocery Love

Circa 2008 Guam Grocery Shopping!

I never thought I will find another person who has the same quirky hobbies such as grocery strolling and shopping. But I knew Taka and I were really meant to be together when I found out he enjoys strolling along grocery one year ago when he first visited Manila. 

I can still remember we were strolling around the mall and Taka hesitatingly asked if we could just go around the grocery to kill time before meeting my siblings for dinner. Taka kept apologizing to me while we were going around circles in the grocery. I really didn't mind because I also enjoyed doing that when I'm bored or just to kill time. It was fun. Oddly, I knew then we really fit because of our simple joys we get from simple mundane things. This was the first time we went on grocery, I can still remember vividly how Taka observes the goods and he  compares prices in Japan and in Manila. I also do that whenever I go out of the country! Haha! I always want to have a photo in the grocery for some strange quirky habits haha.


May 7, 2011 Strolling along the grocery
with Taka and Atreyu in Megamall, Metro Manila

Grocery strolling in Kobe
August 2011

So since then we made it into a habit to visit the local grocery whenever we see each other here in Manila or in Japan. Taka always tell me first where's the nearest supermarket just in case I get bored and would like to go for a stroll.


Last year back in August, I came to visit Taka and one of the loveliest things we did is just stroll around the "Life Supermarket" nearby where I stayed in Kobe. It was just nice checking out the stuff they sell in the local supermarket.

I even remember being overdressed in the grocery. I looked funny haha, while Taka was just in a plain black t-shirt... I was in full make-up and cute summer dress with matching headband haha! I always say I just wanna look nice in the photos i don't care if I'm too dressy or not LOL haha!

That was my first time to take a stroll in a local Japanese supermarket. During my first trip in Tokyo, I didn't get to find a supermarket because my trip was hectic and we went around mostly fashion districts and supermarket is most unlikely going to be in those areas. So it was fun haha. I feel like an overdressed local LOL! I even got to take photos of the interesting things I found in there...
I thought these were humongous "Sea Weeds" hahaha aparrently it's not... it's a summer snack of some sort! Haha! I really thought it's a giant sea weed part. LOL
Well, these are just soaps... I was just fascinated with the packaging
because they look like dairy products of some sort haha.
I still wonder what are these... They look like flowers to me. Haha!

I'm overdressed haha!

Unfortunately, Taka and I didn't get to go grocery strolling during my Tokyo Trip last October 2011. We didn't get to find one nearby where I stayed. But we still made some "improv"-supermarket like Daiso and some random big multi-purpose store haha.

Daiso Shopping in Harajuku
October 2011
My favorite grocery finds in Japan are those Onigiri's and Lipton Milktea. They make my life complete in Japan. Haha!

I misspelled haha! It's O-NI-GI-RI! おにぎり  !! 

How convenient it is not to fall in ridiculously long line and wait for serving milktea
I just buy  a tetrapack in Japan!


And we came full-circle when Taka came to visit last March. Even if it was a short trip, we still manage to go grocery shopping on top of our itinerary. It's actually really nice time when we did our grocery because it was a relaxed Sunday Morning... 

Sunday Morning Grocery! We love it so much!
More photos! Haha!

The two boys exploring the hometown grocery store haha!

And since we love grocery shopping... I had to take some small videoclip for remembrance. Haha. Sorry for being weird but we love it like that!


  1. which one do you need? at tissue area haha. i wonder what we got there haha, nice grocery movie and atreyu's penguin bag haha

    1. Yeah haha Grocery Movie at the Tissue Area haha!

  2. Yea, I still love grocery at other countries. This is the nicest hobby.

    1. Well hope you enjoy your grocery shopping in Europe, that's the best. Enjoy country hopping!


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