Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I learned in 日本語 this Week

2012年5月19日 日本語 クラス
Session 2

I am mentally exhausted. I really feel so exhausted and I'm so overwhelmed about my new Module 3 日本語 クラス.
I feel like an idiot having some panic moments everytime the せんせい calls my name "トレイシーサン" I just felt so nervous of not knowing the answers rather than absorbing any of the lessons at all. With my new up and coming work ahead... I really feel so overwhelmed and I highly doubt if I can even learn anything from this now.
I used to enjoy studying and looking forward to the
weekends for my Nihongo Kurasu
I even make my notes so fun!
I used to have fun with my past classes and I feel so enthusiasts with learning even if I just master a little I feel much enjoyment that I look forward to it every session. This time I feel traumatized having not to to answer the damn recitation and I'm still figuring out the question the teacher is already expecting for an answer!! It's too hard for me!!
I'm so sad and I just wanna cry of frustration and exhaustion. Weekends should be a good break from the busy weekdays. But not I feel more dreadful of weekend coming that even if I study ahead of class I'll still fail and be publicity humiliated with recitations that I really really loathe.

I even question now... Why am I doing this?

I really wanna study more today but I'm just so tired I can't absorb anything anymore. I thought of writing this blog so I can find a way to enjoy studying but all I feel now is crying of frustration. Well... I'll just try to put some notes here:

Using Short Form Verbs:
I've been trying to study the whole afternoon
but I don't feel I'm learning everything I must learn
I. Used for more casual and intimate conversations
II. Used for Opinions and Impressions
For い-Adjectives use: "と思います"
For な-Adjectives use: "たと思います"
III. Used to Quote or Relay Messages
IV. Numerization
Noun (or Verb) + Short Form + のが + [すき] [きらい] + です
V. Refrain from Doing Something
"てわいきません” - more restricting line
" VERB short form + ないで + ください”
VI. Question Words
が + [noun] + ですか?
か: when added to question words becomes "anything" or "something" なにか
も: when added to question words becomes "nothing" "no one" "nowhere"

I just feel so exhausted today from studying and not getting anything and feeling so traumatized with the recitation and exercises I can't even have sometime to absorb what I'm learning! I don't know If I will continue on taking this class.


  1. don't worry! you will be good! nothing starts with all fine all the time.

  2. wahhh,,, nihonggo seems really hard... the one being spoken is kinda easy, but writing it.... muzukashii mitaii!! i can't even memorize the hiragana... :((

  3. You can see how encourageous I was and still say I was not happy about that?


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