Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whimsical World of Adventure Time!

Cuteness overload! Surreal and so whimsical!

I'm in a writing zone now and I wanted to write one last blog to end the night! I can't think of anything for hours... I was just thinking... I wanna write something cute. I kept thinking about random things like toys, dolls, and trinklets of things... But inspiration came from Atreyu watching his usual cartoons right beside me. Being with a kid I actually learn lots of interesting and fresh ideas. I thank Atreyu for sharing to me his "hip-world" LOL.

I just wanna say that this cartoon is really cute~ I can give you several reasons:

1) It's whimsical and magical. Like how kiddie fairytale should be~

Candy Kingdom! Sweet!!
2) It has candy everywhere... The villagers are even made of candies!

The Candy People of Adventure Time! 
2.1) ... even the princess is made from bubble gum Princess Bubblegum! Isn't she so adorable? I always overhear that she has bubblegum hair~ Isn't that so cute or what! haha!

3) Peppermint Butler is so cute! And I've never seen any other Peppermint Candy elsewhere in any cartoons!


4) There's a hipster emo-vampire teen-chick that makes the show "HIP" haha LOL but to give it a little dark twist in a cute way... They have Marceline the teen-vampire!
Marceline the EmoVamp!
5) Finn and Jake are the most adorable looking Knights and Heroes! Finn even has that cute hoodie! Haha!
The cute heroes!
6) Whatelse can top this CUTE MADNESS but a RAINBOW-colored-Korean-speaking-Flying-Unicorn! Lady Unicorn is simply the cherry on top of this cuteness overload!!

Lady Unicorn

You should check it out! I'm sure y'all like it! I've never seen a surreal and whimsical cartoons since "Spirited Away" haha but Adventure Time is much on the cuter side!


For the full schedule I grabbed this from Cartoon Network Website:

May 17 02:00AM  
Adventure Time/Jimmy Two Shoes (Shorts)
May 17 11:30AM 
An Ogre Named Donny/Marceline's Henchmen/Dungeon Masters/What Have You Done/Rainy Day Daydream
May 17 02:30PM 
My Two Favorite People/Business Time/The Witch's Garden/When Wedding Bells Thaw/Finn The Wizard
May 17 07:00PM 
Adventure Time/Regular Show
May 17 09:00PM 
My Two Favorite People/Memories Of Boom Boom Mountain/Evicted/Ricardio The Heart Guy/Tree Trunks
May 18 02:00AM 
Adventure Time/Jimmy Two Shoes (Shorts)
May 18 02:30PM 
Freak City/Oceans Of Fear/Marceline's Henchmen/Dungeon Masters/An Ogre Named Donny
May 18 07:00PM 
Adventure Time/Regular Show
May 18 09:00PM 
The Witch's Garden/Oceans Of Fear/Freak City/Slumber Party Panic/Trouble In Lumpy Space 
May 19 02:00AM 
Adventure Time/Jimmy Two Shoes (Shorts)
May 19 01:00PM 
The Eyes/Story Tellin'/Slow Love/Power Animal/Crystals Have Power
May 19 07:00PM 
Adventure Time/Regular Show 
May 19 09:00PM 
The Enchiridion/The Jigger/Business Time/City Of Thieves/What Is Life? 
May 20 02:00AM
Adventure Time/Jimmy Two Shoes (Shorts)
May 20 01:45PM
No One Can Hear You
May 20 07:00PM
Adventure Time/Regular Show
May 20 09:00PM
When Wedding Bells Thaw/The Duke Of Nuts/An Ogre Named Donny/Marceline's Henchmen/Dungeon Masters
May 21 02:00AM
Adventure Time/Jimmy Two Shoes (Shorts)
May 21 11:30AM
Loyalty To The King/Blood Under The Skin/Nightosphere/The Eyes/Story Tellin'
May 21 02:30PM
The Duke Of Nuts/Rainy Day Daydream/What Have You Done/The Gut Grinder/Blood Under The Skin
May 21 07:00PM
Adventure Time/Regular Show
May 21 09:00PM
What Have You Done/Rainy Day Daydream/The Gut Grinder/Loyalty To The King/Blood Under The Skin


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    1. This is Atreyu's favorite cartoons nowadays he cant stop talking about it that even I took interest with it already haha!

  2. Adventure time... Does he still watch it?


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