Friday, June 01, 2012

I'm Back to TV Prod!

Well. Well. Well. As opposed to my sentiments a year and a half ago,  yes... I'm back again to working with TV Production. Well, this week has been busy and I'm pretty braindead now to tell you all about it... But I just wanna share some visuals from our Looktest last Tuesday for my new and up coming TV Series... The title is Precious Hearts: Pintada starring Denise Laurel and Martin del Rosario

I just grabbed some photos from all over the net... I was too busy I didn't even get to snap anything!

Thanks to my dear team who helped me with the shoot! Joanna, Criselda and Mamacaw Joy!
Too tired... more words next time.

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  1. TV job is hard, I know it because you told me many times but you look nice on photos.


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