Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bratz Tokyo A-Go-Go!

Chloe, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade
What you are about to read is merely my frivolous obsession over this silly doll... But I have just been in-love with them ever since! So please forgive this almost-30-year-old-who-thinks-she's-still-10 for drooling and obsessing over childish things such as these Bratz Dolls~
As I remember it, it was probably around 2004 when I gave birth to my son Atreyu when Bratz launched this Tokyo-A-Go-Go series of dolls out in the market. It was so unique especially during that time. Japanese / Tokyo Street Fashion resources was very scarce then. I remember holding on to an old 2003 fRuits Magazine for a very long time. When I saw this Bratz Dolls series I couldn't stop looking at it. I kept coming back to the toy store... not for my baby's toys! But just to keep on staring at all of them! I'm like a poor girl drooling for them. But since I was a new mom, unemployed and barely on my own, I just stare at them and get going to buy some diapers or something for Atreyu. I think I never grew up from obsessing about toys haha. 

Tokyo A-Go-Go Bratz Doll series was so unique for a long time because of the very modern styling of the dolls... Even the strands of their hair have wild streaks and special braids which during that time, I haven't seen in any other dolls. I even remember trying to mutilate my old Barbie Dolls just to achieve a little bit of "avant-garde street style" but of course they end up looking like mutated Barbie Zombies haha. For sometime I dreamt of working for a fashion doll company because I dreamt of making designs for fashion dolls with more character and attitude and Tokyo A-Go-Go made that into reality!

Few years after, when I've finally started working, one of the first things I tried checking out was the toy store hoping for a boxed Tokyo A-Go-Go doll would still be available. But of course, as fashion is so fast changing, fashion dolls are fast changing too. I never got my own Tokyo-A-Go-Go Bratz Doll. Huhu.

If someday I'll find them on sale, I will still definitely get myself one. This is a piece of fashion history that's gonna be priceless someday to the world... it's already is to me.

Yasmin Bratz

Sasha Bratz!

Jade Bratz! This is my personal favorite!

Hehe. Well, I just wanted to tell you all about it. Hehe. If you find them somewhere, do let me know. Haha!

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