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My Short-lived Stylist Gig in Pintada

Precious Hearts Romances: Pintada
starring Ms. Denise Laurel
First of all, I wanna express my kudos to the whole production team of Precious Hearts Romances:  Pintada for a successful pilot telecast last July 16, 2012 5:15pm (Manila) Congratulations to all us!

Well this is just a short blog entry coz I just had a fairly seemingly short but almost two-month gig with PHR's Pintada. But I rarely get to talk about my projects like this so I wanna write something this time. It was around mid-summer May when I was offered with the Stylist position of PHR's Pintada. It was my dear friend and good colleague Mamacaw Joy who referred me to our fellow UP-schoolmates AJ Rase and Direk Ted Boborol who were the core team (Executive Producer and Director) of PHR's Pintada T.V. Series

Making studies design proposal for school uniforms
and teacher's uniforms!
I must admit of all my jobs as a costume designer/stylist, TV Prod is not my favorite cup of tea... But nonetheless a job is a job and new project is a blessing. Even if I've gotten used to my relaxed lifestyle having a laid back job with MYX few times a in a month... I was interested to work with "fellow-young-bloods" (haha AJ and Direk Ted are around my generation haha... I'm not revealing anything haha)
Moodboard for Uniforms~ I always wanted that cute bowties!

School Girl and Boy~
Yen Santos and James Reid as
"Samantha and Vito"
So when I came and meet them I was nervous but excited as well. Even if physically, I'm not as energetic as I was 5 years ago (since I started with ABS-CBN Television Productions) I was thinking may be I can do it again for another time. 

I really enjoyed conceptualizing the characters and their styling personality. It's actually my favorite part of my job... Developing and brainstorming concepts and storylines. Designing imaginary school uniforms and anything I need to "make" is interesting to me. Making styling guides and pegs are fun even if it's tedious and super-OC to make.
Preprod Meetings at 12th Floor
ELJ Building in ABS-CBN! Our typical in-between taping schedule
But with my low stamina now and may be a bit of "naabuso-ko-ang-katawan-ko-sa-ilang-taon-ko-sa-TV-at-prod" effect, that I easily felt tired and started having series of migraine attacks as Pintada was developing. It felt harder for me that it seemed my body is not cooperating even so. I had to take a rest as recommended by doctors and have my "neuron-related spasms" and frequent migraine attacks tested. So as the show started taping last June, I had to say defer my position which I learned to grow with. I was more than worried for myself and also my performance, the show is about to air and I don't want to be a cause of burden to the team if my body can't take the physical stress a normal taping would toll on me. AJ, Direk Ted and Ms. Mavic (the Production manager) were so nice and so understanding that I really wanna push and continue. I'm actually overwhelmed and honored to have met very kind-hearted and open-minded bosses. Since I worked in the TV world five years ago, I think I developed this kind of "nerbyos" because of all the experiences and high-pressure stress that comes up with the job description. It's part of the job I just bear in mind, but it really is a breath of air to have bosses who are very understanding and you can easily talk to and develop and brainstorm ideas. I couldn't express my much gratitude. Even if it was short-lived, I am very honored to have a chance to meet and work with you. I am honored to pilot the styling and costumes for Pintada.

Few minutes after this photo I shot,
we almost had a rear-end crash collision!
Nonetheless, even if it was a short gig for me, it was still interesting and a story to tell. It may not be a perfect shoe-size for me... Especially the long and very early call-time and pull-outs with a very jammed packed service vehicle ride going to our out of town locations. During our first taping day, my service vehicle was the ride from hell even. Early on our way to Tanay, Rizal we almost had a rear-end crash collision to a truck loaded with "dos por dos" wooden coco lumber! OMG in the years I've been working like this it was my first time to have a nerve-wrecking experience. "My son is too young for me to die..." was one of the first thing I thought of haha! This this terror-ride, we passed by broken electric lamp posts on the street and moreso, DEAD BODIES of a two people who had a collision with a jeepney while  riding their motorcycle. 

Our location on our pilot taping was in Tanay, Rizal which was a very sad-sad-sad place to be if you're a Globe Subscriber. Haha! Oh yes. There's no signal at all in Tanay, that made my life miserable. Given that I have to constantly monitor my son back home and also talk with my kareshi who's in Tokyo. Having no cellsite is unacceptable! LOL haha.

From Direk Ted's POV's school scenes!
Nonetheless as it started to grind, it was nice. There's always a fulfilling feeling when I get to see even my small design contribution become real and get it's airtime to the least. We get to find a some cell-signal once in a while at least. Haha! it was also nice to get to know the talented actors in our cast. The boys are all very fun and energetic! Especially, Chase Vega haha! He's really fun like a little brother that keeps you amused! He's playing "Taylor Alvarez", Ms. Denise Laurel's younger brother in the series. I must say I'm very grateful for Chase's energy for keeping me awake and unbored during tengga moments when there's rain or those wee hours that we're all zombie mode already. He's really fun! Haha! (Salamat sa mga kendis na hinihingi ko sa'yo parati haha)
Ang pinakamakulit na bata sa set: Si Chase Vega bilang si "Taylor Alvarez" Haha!
Most of our locations were out of town because the storyline goes like; the lead character~ Lysa Alvarez (Denise Laurel) and her family moved in the province to start a new life... only to have a life changing tragedy. So hence, most of our locations had to be out of town.

Taping Day 3: There's a lake beside our stand by area hehe.

Haha interesting sights. But the lurking hopping frogs around our tent freaked the hell out of me. Haha! All part of the experience of course! With every beginning comes endings, and the sweetest words I long to hear during taping was the sweet words "PACK-UP!" haha! 

On my way to taping photo! Haha! We're going to Lumban, Laguna!
It may have been not my cup of tea, or may be I have out-grown the TV Production life, (or may be tumanda na yung katawan ko at lalong pang naging mahuna sa puyatan at ratratan.) It was a pleasure to have the chance to work on another project like this, may be it's gonna be my last (?) or may be not... but most likely my last. Who knows! Haha! For what it's worth~ Thanks! Congrats to all of us! Great Pilot! Thanks for the opportunity! Congrats to us! Cheers! #PINTADA Miss y'all!

As I pass the baton to my newbie colleague stylist and long time client and friend~ Gelo Arucan, I'm  relieved and looking forward to his endeavors to Pintada. He's really enthusiastic about having this show and opportunity. Congratulations, Gelo! Hope you enjoy your stay in TV Production of Pintada as I did. If you need my advise and any costume design stuff, I'll be glad to help you anytime, like yer-sistah-mentor haha! 

Haha! It's so funny that I said at the beginning of this blog that it would be a short blog but I didn't realize I had so much to say haha! Anyways, ABS-CBN's Precious Hearts Romances presents Pintada airs in ABS-CBN Channel 2 5:15pm. You may catch it from Mondays to Fridays.

Precious Hearts Romances presents Pintada
Full Trailer 
And you may also view it online via PnoyTv.com. View Pintada's First Episode Here


  1. humaba n ng bongga ung blog mo bhe!! but its ok itsalways nkakatamad to start writing blogs but whenever you started writing nah imagination keeps on going and you just can't stop it. haha! anyways congratulations! ang ganda ni Denise grabe! x0x0

    1. Hooray! Thanks Dahling (dahling talaga! LOL!) for the first comment-o! haha! Onga eh I didn't realize ang dami ko na na-chika about Pintada! Denise is super beautiful even more in person! Hot-Momma! I hope you can catch it there in SG!

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    1. Carlough!! Thanks!! I miss you all!! More power to #PINTADA !! <3 <3 <3


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