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東京: The Neon Labyrinth

It's the 50th Japan Fashion Design Contest!
It's the longest running fashion design contest in Japan!
To be honest, I was a bit hesistant to join Japan Fashion Design Contest because of the very traumatic incident that happened last year when I came to visit and support.

(Totally, BV story but just be mindful if anyone wants to join these kinds of international contests... designers should also be careful that they are representing our country. If you can't afford it, you should find a way to make it work and not suddenly burden random kababayan's abroad over-extending and abusing Filipino Hospitality. Yes, Johnthony Iballar... You hassled me, my boyfriend and my friends in Tokyo wherein I don't personally know you in Tokyo)

ANYWAYS, LESSON LEARNED, steer-clear. Anyways that's a sad incident from my last Japan Fashion Design Contest memory that I didn't even join at, I was just an innocent audience. But it shouldn't hinder me from letting myself be inspired and just let my ideas come for another contest season. Designing and creating concepts keeps me "breathing" as a designer... So I just conceive creative ideas as my mind thinks it.

Unlike everybody-else, everybody seem to seek "Fame" and "Break" that they will be the next-big-thing upon joining contests like this. For me, it's not really like that. Success doesn't really come so easily... But design contests like this for me is a nice challenge and experience... A great experience to represent our country, a great experience to meet young fellow aspiring designers from all over the world, a great opportunity to seek new design inspirations with the new environment you can come and see when it comes to competing globally. It's enough for me to participate, I know, I seem to sound not confident or I seem to have a misplaced ambition, but to me, winning isn't in the winning itself... It's the experience that makes us winners anyways. It's the integrity and the hardship you go through that makes every creation a piece of trophy in itself. I'm so disheartened nowadays everybody seem to join contests now like a box-office movie... Bragging comes first before even making it to the finals. It's so disheartening... I find the real essence of such contests is starting to feel a bit jaded. Some are so crabby, over-competitive and greedy that they don't like others to join, some are so boastful the even brag about joining. I used to share this kind of contest info with other aspiring designers, but through the years I've met worse and worst aspiring designers that are crabby, abusive and self-serving that made me feel regret of even promoting opportunities like this. It's a sad realization, I just hope every dreamer can rea
lize and reflect that we are all dreamers too... not only you.

Anyways, I'm babbling. Sorry. I just wanna express how I feel and I don't mean to offend. Okay moving on... Actually I just wanna blog about my design concept for this contest... But I seemed to have opened an old can of worms that I've been trying to keep to myself for the longest time.

Sorry about that. MOVING ON...

I just wanna share my design concept for this annual contest that gave me a big break in 2009. It's been three years since I made it to the finals of this very prestigious contest. I think this year it would be more prestigious since it's the 50th year for this contest. It's actually the longest running Fashion Design Contest in Japan!

I wanted to keep my design concept as real and as pure as my thoughts are... So I tried to design from the desires of my heart. It's my simple homage to the City of Tokyo.

Taka gave me these set of awesome TOKYO playing cards
that matched with my design concept! 
Since the first time I came to see and experience Tokyo... It has been my inspiration and my drive in terms of designing and there can be no better way to express my gratitude and respect to this city but with a fashion design. From the first time I went there I never stopped loving the city... Yes it may have this stone-cold lonely feeling underneath the neon-lights... But still... I love the trainride, the city adventure... The sudden rush feeling chasing over last train at night... How I pick yummy cheap snacks in セブンイレブン. Of course the かわいい world of 原宿, where I self-proclaimed that Takeshita Dori is really TOREISHI-ta Dori haha. Tokyo has been my happy place that feels like a dream come true. It's a hodgepodge of things that makes me happy, I wouldn't mind getting lost in the middle of Tokyo... It's an adventure I will always cherish.

My Design Inspiration: A Tokyo MUST HAVE. The Metro Tokyo Subway Map.
I love the loops and maze it creates!

My Design Inspiration: The iconic TOKYO TOWER that centers the City of Tokyo
Strange enough, I haven't been here upclose. I'll come see it soon!

Tokyo: The Neon Labyrinth
Tokyo: The Neon Labyrinth

The complexities and beauty of the the urban metro jungle that is TOKYO from the perception of a foreign designer and enthusiast. A hodgepodge of traditional and ultra modern life intertwined. An homage representation of the iconic TOKYO TOWER with the most essential necessity anyone could need in Tokyo~ The Tokyo Subway Train Map. This is how I see Tokyo; a colorful adventure of train-rides and a burst of culture of traditional and modern living.

A one piece short multilayered dress with embroidered bodice of neon linear strips like of the subway train routes with triple mandarin collar matched with puff asymmetrical bubble layered skirt made of customade subway map print fabric, layered of fan-like origami tulle fabric and under-layered with strips of traditional floral yukata fabric. The beauty of PRINT on PRINT details.



Anyways, whether I get chosen or not... I'm happy to have given birth to another design. I'mm really excited to learn more about this contest especially this year... It's the 50th year! It must be a big a special year for this contest. It would be such a dream to return to Tokyo again in October for a contest! It's always an honor for me to participate! Gambatte!

Thank you, for my ever supporting kareshi, Taka for translating to Nihongo. ^_^

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  1. This design was unique too, you can make tokyo metro, NY metro, London tube, etc.


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