Thursday, August 30, 2012

Harajuku Postcards

My First Harajuku Postcard!!
Since I'm "in the zone" for postcards, I might as well share these cute postcard finds I got in Takeshita Dori. Since I'm a postcard freak and geek... I must say that I think I found a rare kind of postcard! I've never actually found a "Harajuku Postcard" before until this. I actually found these bunch of Japanese Pop-Art looking postcard from a cool trinkets shop in Takeshita Dori called "The World Connection". I actually really like this store because they sell mostly vintage-looking pop, some cute items and pop-art things... and some of the popular Western items (probably) in popular in Japan. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Send Postcards from Tokyo!

My postcard loots from my last Tokyo Trip!
Traditional and Pop Culture Postcards!
Ever since I was in elementary, every time I go on a trip somewhere it was my personal tradition/ritual to send some postcards to my dear friends back home~ I'm nostalgic like that! Haha! So even now as I go on trips, I still enjoy sending (and also receiving) postcards from all over the world. It makes me feel I'm sharing a piece of my adventure to my friends and love ones. And I'm so glad that one of the oddities I share with my kareshi is we appreciate those postcards (... and travel maps too)...May be because we are both wanderlusts who dreams of traveling the world and learning about different places in the world. So now, from my old tradition of sending postcards to friends, I get to do that with Taka sending off postcards to our friends every time we come visit each other! That's why I made sure I put it in my "Things to do" list on my Tokyo Trip.

Golds & Whites for a Sweet Debutante!

Hershey Chua's Regal Gold and Whites Debutante Ensemble!
I love making moodboards for clients! It gives them the visual interpretation they need
to fully understand designer's ideas and concepts! 
For a change, I'll take a short break from my Tokyo Trip Travelogs and a detour blog on my recent project I've been working on these past few weeks. Actually, August has been really nice to me (since I have this divine faith of "The Best Fortune" that I got from the Omikuji Fortune Drawers at the Sensouji Temple in Asakusa HAHA. Keep'em coming) One of my latest projects is Hershey Chua's Debutante Ensemble for her Debutante Party this September!

It's a bit rushed since I just came back from my trip second week of August then the whole Metro Manila was basically paralyzed for a few weeks because of the relentless monsoon rains but it's okay. The great thing about it is I came back to Manila fully energized and ready to create designs!

I love debutantes! (Well, I love brides and weddings too!) But young clients like debutantes and prom clients give me more creative freedom to have more spunk! Whenever I create for young clients, I always imagine myself living like my Fashion Icon and Inspiration... Betsey Johnson! Somehow, she makes really classy and elegant dresses without compromising her character and style! She's always fun too! I wanna be like her~ from her spirit, energy and how she manages to be a fashion designer and a mom at the same time!

Anyways, without further ado... This is my design ensemble for my new debutante muse... Hershey Chua! I'm so excited for the "sequel" where I'll soon be posting actually party photos!  
Hershey Chua's 18th Debutante Party Ensemble!
by Tracy Dizon (Tiara by Tracy Dizon)

This is basically inspired from Kenley Collin's Wedding Dress for Project Runway, the Oscar Dela Renta gown Cameron Diaz worn on a red carpet event and that cute Jenny Humphrey outfit from Gossip Girl Season 2. Hehe. I love carousels and baroque colors of Whites and Golds! Hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daydreaming in Sanrio Puroland Parade

August 3, 2012 ~ While sitting by the steps
waiting for the Sanrio Parade Show
At around 4:30pm the Sanrio Guide Map and Show Guide mentioned that there will be a Parade Show. So my kareshi and I just sit by the steps to get a nicer view of the show. Well, I didn't really see any people our age around Sanrio Puroland. Mostly are kids and toddlers with their Moms. Haha. Yes, how embarrassing haha times like this I wish Atreyu was with us so we have an excuse to be like kids. Haha! But even Atreyu might be less interested with girly Sanrio characters... I think I have no scapegoat haha! But kidding aside, I really had so much fun in Sanrio Puroland and I said to myself I'll take as many photos of this show so Atreyu can almost see it too! I actually felt a little sad not having Atreyu around this time, 'coz he always enjoys watching shows like this anywhere. As the audience area fills up, as the show was about to start, I felt a bit spaced-out since the whole show is in Nihongo. Haha. Mochiron, why should I still be surprised? 

Well, even if the whole show was sang and performed in Nihongo, I still very much enjoyed everything! Actually, it made me "Daydream" while watching the show. I remember one of my chats with my MYX (U.S.) VJ and "gurlfriend", Amber Davis... (so random? haha) But we always shared out fascination with travels and trying on different creative line of work. Amber is really fun and she gives me the best "cheer-up advice" when I need one! (awww I miss my MYX friends!) Anyways, back when I was so down from my UNIQLO application last January, she gave me some "happy thought idea" that made me look forward to opportunities that may come along. I remember she told me about trying out with amusement parks in Japan~ my creatives will work nicely there. It was really a nice thought. Especially nowadays that speaking the English language is becoming more and more in-demand in Japan, I may get a chance if I try out in those dream-like amusement parks... May be as a costume designer or dresser for shows. Haha. May be something like that. How I wish it can happen!

And so of course... This is where my "Daydreaming in Sanrio Puroland" began. Haha! As each of the Sanrio characters and chorus dancers perform in front of me... My mind was already tripping thinking how I each costumes were made and how they can look cuter and more fun! Haha!

Friday, August 24, 2012

490 Feet Above the Tokyo Ground

August 3, 2012 ~ View from nearby train station...
Tokyo Tower is glowing nicely

I have this day-dream fantasy of seeing the perfect skyline night-sky with my Kareshi. He used to tell me about his travels and the best night-views he has ever seen. So that's why I wanted to go up the Tokyo Tower, I was thinking may be we could see some nice night-view from the Tokyo Tower.

After a long day of going around Tokyo on that day~ we basically went to 5 destinations on that day (Nakagin Capsule Tower, Uniqlo Flagship Store in Ginza, Akihabara, Sanrio Puroland in Tama-shi and back to Minato to go up the Tokyo Tower)I was pretty beat up. But nonetheless I had to see the Tokyo Tower. I felt like a first-timer tourist! HAHA! Actually this was my first time to go to a tourist destination in Tokyo... I haven't got a chance to do this "tourist things" since my other trips was fashion design related and there's always not enough time to see everything in Tokyo.

Upon going down the Train Station... The Tokyo Tower can already be seen glowing so nicely. It's like the beaming structure in Minato.Tokyo Tower used to be the tallest structure in Japan but it was recently dethroned by the newly open Tokyo Sky Tree. I wanted to go check-out the Tokyo Sky Tree since it's the highest tower in the world and the second highest structure in the world next to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But I listed to the better judgement of my friends not to go there because it's always crowded with people and the entrance fee is so costly that it even cost as expensive as Sanrio Puroland and opted to see the Tokyo Tower instead.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good Finds in Tokyo by Toreishi

Some typical store with oishii sweets! Watashi ha ichigo ga suki desu! 
Aside from the fashion finds... there are lots of good stuff that you can find in Tokyo (er... Japan) Even those simple and typical Japanese snacks and goods are really interesting. Of course the ever so-popular "Made in Japan" KitKat is definitely a must find and a must buy... But there are also some other interesting sweets and snacks that we can find. Not only snacks but there are lots of interesting souvenir items and trinkets that is interesting to get and for me a must buy when you go to Japan. As promised, I'll be writing a part 2 from my   Fashion Stuff to Shop in Tokyo by Toreishi  blog. But I must warn you that you'll be reading kawaii and child-like stuff mostly here just because I like those things. Haha! (Who doesn't?) But for the sweetooth that is me... This would be biased a bit because i just can't get enough of sweets in the world. Haha! Well, if something not-sweet pops into my mind I'll try to pitch in some of those. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Omiyage for Friends!

This is just a short (hopefully I can make this short LOL) photoblog. Since I like seeing photos all overdecorated, I made my friends' omiyage photos extra colorful and simply busy-busy-busy to look at. Haha. Because I'm a maximalist-like-that! LOL 

This trinkets of things with my JP Visa Photo is for my dear Make-up Artiste-Extraordinaire: Tippy!
Because he made me so gorgeous for my JP Visa  application! Haha! I got him an interesting Wedding Magazine
and that dolly eyelashes that may be useful for his clients!
For my favorite fashionable friend~ Coreen! Got her some uppers sugar-sweets that
 would energize her review sessions for her exams
For my fashion gurlfriends Dimple and Happy! Wish I could buy the whole bookstore for us! Haha!

I was actually taking a photo of that cute Hello Kitty notepad (and the pen which was cropped off the photo)
This is for my lovely cousin Janina who loves Hello Kitty so much!! I got her a notepad so she can use it in her office. Haha! The Panda and Tropical My Melody are just bystanders! Haha! 

Okay I'll keep my word this time and keep it short! haha! Don't i just love overdecorating photos?!? Anyways, more posts next time!

Fashion Stuff to Shop for in Tokyo by Toreishi

August 5, 2012 ~ Harajuku shopping and photo op with this creepy character!
One of the best things to do in Tokyo (or even in Osaka) is definitely shopping! Even window shopping is fun and interesting in Japan because they have so many unique things sold in their shops~ from crazy funky fashion items, wide variety of art/fashion magazines and books, unique special edition toys, cute and sweet snacks, to home keep-worthy items
I'm no shopaholic expert nor am I a hard-core shopaholic... (Why so defensive, Toreishi-chan? LOL) But I remember a friend asking me what nice things she could buy in Tokyo and I remember being ecstatic and excited to give her some rundown of things she could shop for... So I thought of writing this. It's not really alot.. These are just things based from my shopping (and window shopping) experience. It may be biased to my taste and style of course being this is my recommendation LOL... But generally, these are good finds to shop in Tokyo! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Grocery Shopping in Tokyo!

August 2, 2012 ~  Supamaketto in Tama-shi by the train station
The first grocery store I've been in Tokyo! 
Another activity I longed to accomplish in my pass recent Tokyo trip was find a スーパーマーケット (Su-pa-ma-ketto) in Tokyo. Taka and I love grocery strolling... We just love checking out products and trying on trinkets of things like candies, drinks and snacks! We are like kids while at the same time, grocery strolling sounds like old retired people's activity. We enjoy it anyways. Haha! during my other trips to Tokyo, I didn't get to find any スーパーマーケット may be because I stayed mostly in the fashion districts and there is no chance there would be a grocery store in those areas. This time, during this trip, not only did I get to stroll around a スーパーマーケット ~ I think Taka and I got to check out many grocery stores along the areas we passed by. I think we passed by... (1) in Tama-shi by the train station on our way to Sanrio Puroland (2) There was apparently a Tokyu Grocery Store nearby our hotel in Kamata... We also stayed in Kamata during my last October trip, but we didn't have time to explore the Kamata area (3) There was an interesting スーパーマーケット by Shimokitazawa (4) There was an underground スーパーマーケット by the Shibuya Station apparently that I never knew about! Not only did we find one but we got to find 4 grocery places in Tokyo! haha!

Spotted Kawaii Girls in Harajuku!

FLASHBACK: October 2009  ~
Toreishi's first visit in Takeshita Dori! I love this place!
My most favorite place in Tokyo is Takeshita Dori in Harajuku... that's an understatement. (I even claim it as mine! haha! LOL!) In the three times I've been to Tokyo, it was only on this trip that I finally got a chance to come see Harajuku on Sunday. I've read in my favorite Tokyo Fashion resource book~ "The Tokyo Look Book" that most fashionable people of Harajuku can been seen during Sundays. Finally... after many years! I finally got to experience and see kawaii fashion girls in  Harajuku!! Although I didn't get to take any decent photos... Most are even stolen and chased shots. I'm still happy to see them in real life! Although I've seen a lot of kawaii fashion girls during my other trips, Sundays in Harajuku seemed indeed extra special! Aside from my iPhone and camera's batteries both failing on me on last hours in Harajuku, it was so hot and crowded filled with shopping people during this time. I too was distracted finding cute finds instead of taking photos. Huhu >_<

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nakamise Dōri Shopping~

Hello BIG KEWPIE Doll!
Why so pricey?!
I almost forgot to post these photos! I missed blogging for two days now because I had to meet some people and do some errands. Haha. How I wish I could just write longer and more often. Haha.

Anyways, SHOPPING (or even window shopping) is one of the most fun activities you can do in Tokyo. Obviously. Haha. Even in the "Old-World-Japan" ~ Asakusa... It was really interesting to stroll around amidst the swarm of tourists. Nakamise Street is the shopping street in the Sensouji Temple. I think it has been a shopping street for a very long time since I saw in the Sensouji Temple postcard paintings that I've got illustrating that street as a shopping area even in the ancient times. I think shopping is really innate with Japanese culture... even on the ancient times you'll see them shopping! hahaha! NOT-THAT-I'M-COMPLAINING! Haha! Not at all! I like shopping in Japan (errr... may be more of window shopping because Japan merchandise are expensive!!) But nonetheless, it's really fascinating to take a look around to see interesting goods and cute items. Even if they're ridiculously expensive ~ like that Giant Kewpie Doll priced 4,980 Yen (almost PhP 2,500) I just wonder what's so special about this doll?! It doesn't even have any clothes or box! Haha! I wonder who shops for this!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mission Accomplished! プリクラ Everyday in Tokyo

August 5, 2012 ~ My DAY 4 in Tokyo!
Trying on Kyari Pamyu Pamyu's Puri-Ma-Donna
プリクラ Machine!
Since I wrote quite a bit long entry yesterday about my trip to Asakusa, I felt a bit drained so let me just post a light blog post for today! Haha! It's light and it's my favorite topic...
プリクラ !! 
As I prologue in my previous entry ~ I wanted to accomplish to take purikura everyday of my trip. Haha! What a wasteful idea? Well, for me it's not... for a cheap price of 400Yen~ (that would be roughly PhP 200) Purikura always make me picture perfect and happy all-through-out the day. Haha! Plus photos lasts for a long time... I remember when I was missing my kareshi and the times I spent together with him... looking at our プリクラ brings me back nice memories. Well, not only with Taka, also my other friends I've shared プリクラ photos with (Mikas, Junnie and especially Kaira-chan!) Oh... Filipinos are PHOTO-CRAVED! Haha! YES. Simply because us Pinoys, we are very sentimental human beings haha! For sure, if these up-to-date and brand-new プリクラ Machines get exported to Manila it will be selling a lot. Especially with cosplay events and conventions stuff. Well, I just assume. Haha. I'm no expert on those things. But definitely I'd love to have that machine here in Manila!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Old World Japan~

August 4, 2012 ~ Visiting some old-world Japan in
Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo
Even if it was my third trip to Tokyo, I've never gotten a chance before to visit some "Old-World-Japan" sites... I've always satiated myself with the neon lights of Tokyo. This time I really wanted to visit something I've never visited before in Tokyo.
Asakusa is popular and recommended by many travel guide sites and books from what I've read. Asakusa is even called "Tokyo's most visted temple". With the beautiful temple, grandiose gates  and religious structures. It is surely was an interesting place to visit in Tokyo.
I was even so excited to come visit this place and wear my very own Kamikazari to match my vintage dress. Haha. I wanted to match the old feel of the place. But I didn't realize we would be rampaged with many tourists!@_@ Haha! I'm talking as if I'm a local. HAHA! But unlike the travel photos I've seen in many travel books and websites, I didn't realize that Sensouji Temple would be crowded with many people! 

Say a Little Prayer...

August 7, 2011
Taka and I made our first prayer offering in a small shrine
Mitsu Hachimachi Shrine in Shinsaibashi, Namba, Osaka
Last year, during my trip to Osaka and Kobe, I often seemed to pass by some shrines. I didn't get to see shrines in Tokyo then may be because I just glue myself to Harajuku or Shibuya. Haha. Finally, during that trip, I asked my kareshi to show me around a small shrine in Shinsaibashi in Osaka. It was my first time to make a prayer offering in a Shintoist Shrine. It felt nice and serene. I told myself I'll try to do that whenever I come to Japan.  It kinda felt nice praying by the shrine... there's this quiet peace I feel whenever I come visit or even just quickly pass by it. It's nice.
During my last Tokyo trip, I really planned on going to a shrine to offer again some special prayers for my friends and family. Since during this trip I planned on visiting Asakusa... where popular beautiful temples are located in Tokyo. I really was looking forward to doing it again in Asakusa.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

... When I Met the Nakagin Capsule Tower!

August 3, 2012 Having my photo-op with this architectural wonder!
The Nakagin Capsule Tower and Toreishi-san!

It has been in my life's bucket list to see in real life The World's First Capsule Architecture: The Nakagin Capsule Tower in Shimbashi, Tokyo. I had always been fascinated by the Mod Futurism, The Jetsons, The Go-Go Space Age in Fashion and Arts... Well all the likes. The geometric shapes are all defined and  clean and quirky for me. It's so interesting how inventive can things be. Well, the Nakagin Capsule Tower has been one of my design muse! It's one of those architecture marvel that encompasses time. Seeing it in real life is like meeting Andy Warhol in the flesh for me! I was really so starstruck! I have always been stalking this tower online looking for updates if it will be demolished soon (God please not) or if it will be refurbished someday. I keep a tab for the Nakagin Capsule Tower like an obsessed fan! Even if it's now old and looks strangely modern but rusted, I am still amazed by it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Five Days of Tokyo Fashion!

My obsessive-compulsive "Wardrobe List"
last year for my Osaka Trip
The most "critical" part of my trip is my packing. Haha! I always plan ahead which ensemble to wear and for what itinerary it would fit and what color schemes should I be wearing on a trip. Haha. Yes. I am a heavy packer. But it's my joy... especially to dress-up in Tokyo is always fun for me. I have an over-obsessive-compulsive wardrobe check-list, I list down up to the last detail which socks to wear or which accessories I should bring. Well, it's more fun to dress-up in Japan... Especially on my street... Toreishita Dori haha... er... I mean... Takeshita Dori haha! I was actually excited for this trip coz I'm finally getting myself that pink platform sneakers I've been seeing in Tokyo street fashion magazines and also from blog posts care of my dear little sista~ Rainbowholic Kaira-chan!

Friday, August 10, 2012

The N'EX Best Thing!

Tokyo 2009: Making poses in the bus. Haha!
My first trip to Tokyo!
For some couple of times that I've traveled in Tokyo I always just ride the Airport Limousine Bus thinking that it's the most convenient and most economic way of going to Central Tokyo. Narita is actually in Chiba Prefecture, so roughly it takes about an hour to 1.5 hours to arrive Central Tokyo depending on the traffic.

Well, as I look back on my old Tokyo Trip Albums as I write this blog... I've come to realize that the I actually felt so in a hurry upon arriving the airport . I even saw one photo having a caption saying;
"From Narita Airport, we had to take a bus going to Shinjuku... we were so in a hurry that we might be left by our bus!" 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cute Maneki Neko Sightings (Tokyo Edition)

That lucky cat: Maneki Neko! Because I  (and my kareshi too) love Maneki Neko (check out this past blog) very much. We like him so much that we even sent out Maneki Neko's to each other haha! I've come to notice that the I have seemed to have taken several random Maneki Neko photos in Tokyo enough to make another photo blog. This is the Cute Maneki Neko Tokyo Edition ~ Haha! Since these are all Maneki Neko sightings all over Tokyo, mochiron, there are more beckoning cats spread all over Tokyo, but I was really trying to look for the cutest ones or at least something quirky. I was looking for something I could bring back to Manila  that's more unique looking than the ones I can easily find here but I couldn't find something I really wanna spend on (kuripot LOL) Plus I have to consider the fragile stuff will be hard to bring back home of course. I wish they have more fluffy ones though... That'd be more convenient haha! But at least I got to take some photos to remember them by haha! 

Those Kawaii Tokyo Trippers!

Gomen nasai, I promised to write more travel and Tokyo destination tips but here I am ending up blogging about this kawaii Tokyo Trippers! Gomen, gomen. I'm actualy a bit overwhelmed where I should begin my trip blogs that I ended up starting 3 different topics and not finishing any of them. Such a bad habit. Tsk. Haha. So anyways, let me break my bad habit by actually finishing this short blog about this SUPER KAWAII FIND... Paperchase's Tokyo Trippers!

X-Mas 2011! Happy gave me  the best and most fun gifts!
Including this TOKYO TRIPPERS BAG!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Toreishi-san's Tokyo Summer Trip 2012!

For the 4th time, I applied for Japan Visa yet again!
Shouldn't I be getting a loyalty card already? LOL
At long last! I finally got to blog about this much anticipated trip. I was holding it off 'til it's over so I won't jinx it, like what happened last year. Well, it wasn't all that bad, but I just thought I preempted my trip last October 2011, it was a bit sad when I didn't get to do all in my "Things to do in Tokyo List". But it was still great anyways. This time I really tried my best to hold myself from talking until I'm back home in Manila.

I've actually been back to rainy Manila for two days now; like a polar opposite to Tokyo's HOT SUMMER weather, Manila has been rainy nonstop. Pretty gloomy nowadays with the calamities striking, I hope rain would subside soon. 

Anyways, going back, this trip was actually shorter than my other previous trips, it's almost like a long weekend trip, so I really opted to plan this well. Every minute counts! Good thing, Taka was able to take his summer vacation off during my trip so we can spend more time together. Of course it's much better to go around Tokyo with Taka~ I can get to spend time with him more, someone can take a photo of me and someone can carry my shopping bags if I'm to tired to carry them all (LOL Just Kidding). 

Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends: Super Kawaii Kaira-chan!

So! It's been a while since I've written a blog-worthy "Tracy's Fashionable Friends" blogpost. It's more than a year since I made an entry! I'm actually so excited to write about this now! Actually, I've been eyeing on Kaila since May but I really wanted to make this "Blog Entry Comeback". 

Since Kaila and I planned on meeting in Tokyo this August on my last trip... I thought I'll make my comeback blog right after my trip. Haha! So here it is! "Tracy's Fashionable Friends" comeback!

My sister Theia and Kaila during the
Nihongo Fiesta Streetwear
Fashion Contest 
I met Kaira-chan few years back in a Japan Foundation Manila event~ "Nihongo Fiesta" (February 2010?). I actually came to that event to support my sister, Theia who was also a finalist in the contest of "Japanese Streetwear Fashion". Kaila and Theia were actually both contestants and she's one of the nice girls whom we met during that contest. We took lots of photos then and added each other in FB. Haha!

Kaila was very friendly and so nice even then. Even then, two years ago, she's already very talented with her photography. I even remember grabbing few of the photos she's taken during that event. 

That event was actually me and my sisters' first time to participate in such event and I found some of the "Hardcore-Japanese-Street-Fashion-Enthusiasts" a bit snobby and cliquish. My sister didn't win during that contest nor did Kaila... But it was still awesome coz we seemed to have gained another sister with Kaila-chan. Since then, somehow we come across with her during toycons and some cosplay events. Surely she's really blog-worthy to be "Tracy's Fashionable Friend" LOL.