Friday, August 24, 2012

490 Feet Above the Tokyo Ground

August 3, 2012 ~ View from nearby train station...
Tokyo Tower is glowing nicely

I have this day-dream fantasy of seeing the perfect skyline night-sky with my Kareshi. He used to tell me about his travels and the best night-views he has ever seen. So that's why I wanted to go up the Tokyo Tower, I was thinking may be we could see some nice night-view from the Tokyo Tower.

After a long day of going around Tokyo on that day~ we basically went to 5 destinations on that day (Nakagin Capsule Tower, Uniqlo Flagship Store in Ginza, Akihabara, Sanrio Puroland in Tama-shi and back to Minato to go up the Tokyo Tower)I was pretty beat up. But nonetheless I had to see the Tokyo Tower. I felt like a first-timer tourist! HAHA! Actually this was my first time to go to a tourist destination in Tokyo... I haven't got a chance to do this "tourist things" since my other trips was fashion design related and there's always not enough time to see everything in Tokyo.

Upon going down the Train Station... The Tokyo Tower can already be seen glowing so nicely. It's like the beaming structure in Minato.Tokyo Tower used to be the tallest structure in Japan but it was recently dethroned by the newly open Tokyo Sky Tree. I wanted to go check-out the Tokyo Sky Tree since it's the highest tower in the world and the second highest structure in the world next to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But I listed to the better judgement of my friends not to go there because it's always crowded with people and the entrance fee is so costly that it even cost as expensive as Sanrio Puroland and opted to see the Tokyo Tower instead.

It was worth it anyways... 

I think Taka and I even took the wrong way going up-hill an inclined plain reaching the back entrance of the Tokyo Tower. Haha. I almost died. LOL. I felt like my legs will be amputated! Haha! But upon reaching the bottom of the Tokyo Tower... The back-view was splendid.

My own shot of the Tokyo Tower

Of course I had to take a lot of photo!

... But photos cannot completely capture
the whole beauty of the Tokyo Tower!

Actually we were worried we wouldn't make it by the closing hour of the Tokyo Tower but good thing we made with ample amount of time to look around and take photos. We went there on a weekend for it was a bit crowded. But not so unbearable anyways. Upon going up the elevator I got kinda air-pressure-deaf going up 490Feet above ground. The elevators going up the tower looks cool, they looked like a space-hub of some sort! Haha! It even changes color going up, like how the Tokyo Tower glows colors at night. Well, may be it's really nothing extra-special but since I love colors, it was really fun for me. Simple joys.

Going up the Tokyo Tower's elevator in groovy colors!

Upon coming up the Tower... I thought it would be a "Romantic Night View" but I don't think I felt romantic seeing lots of people in every window taking photos, sight-weeing or simply just by-standing. Haha.

So many people by the Tokyo Tower!! Not romantic at all! LOL

But nonetheless, the view from the Tokyo Tower was great... It seemed like a glowing land with all the skyscrappers of Tokyo. Just by going around the Tokyo Tower's viewing windows, it seemed like I saw the whole Metro Tokyo.

My own photo "Tokyo After Dark" Haha! So many red lights!
I love this view of the Tokyo Sky Tree (the glowing blue in the middle background)and it was a full-moon when we went up to the Tokyo Tower!
On the other side... There's the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge and
the Odaiba Ferris Wheel Cameras can't fully capture the nice view!!
I wanted to get our own souvenir Tokyo Tower Photo but it was 1,200 Yen and I was feeling stingy at that time. Haha. I kinda regret it though coz our souvenir photo looked so much better than my iPhone photo the photographer took from the Tokyo Tower.

Haha I had to put on some stars so it would look as nice as the souvenir photo I didn't get. I hate that my eyes are always CLOSED on photos?! LOL

Well... As I've mentioned... Tokyo Tower Night Sky Viewing was a romantic fail. Haha. But it didn't suck anyways. It was still fun just going around and looking at the souvenir shops and there was a Shinto Shrine even 820 ft. above! Haha! (Sorry I didn't get to take a photo, I don't like using camera flash.) But of course since it was a tourist destination... souvenir prices were double. So even if I was tempted, I didn't get that Tokyo Tower postcard that I wanted.

I want that artsy postcard!!
There was a nice Tokyo Tower Crystal display that I really liked because it's pink. It looks so elegant, classy and so pink! 
Pink Tokyo Tower! Haha!
The view looking down the glass floor was so scary for me! I can't even look at it. Taka kept pulling me but I can't look at it directly... I think my mind gets spaced out looking at it!
Taka took this shot because I was too scared to look at the glass view!

I even had to hold Taka taking this photo on the glass floor! Haha! Too bad it's a bit dark but it looks cool anyways! Haha! I still feel spaced out seeing this view @_@

OI!! I can't look at this view!! But look my foot stepped on it too! Haha!
As opposed to my "Romantic Idea" it didn't seem romantic at all! LOL. But it was fun adventurous and tiresome experience! I remember feeling old and just sitting by an empty bench at the Tokyo Tower with Taka

Taka & I found a place to sit by and made some silly photos! Haha!
We went to the 1st Observation Deck ~ which was 490 Feet above ground... There was another higher special observatory deck that reaches 820 Feet! I don't think I wanna do that... 490 Ft. is enough for me! 

It was so hard to capture a photo with the Tokyo Tower!
She doesn't wanna share the spotlight! Haha!
Even if it was an epic fail with the "Romantic Idea", it was still great and fun. It was really an interesting adventure and in thought it was still romantic... being on top of Tokyo with my Kareshi. ^_^

Actually the Tower Tower was at our background but since this is an Instax photo...  it just seemed like a dark background! Haha!

Address: 4丁目-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
Phone: 03-3433-5111
Tokyo Tower Map


  1. hahaha i was even pumping the glass down to the ground. it was so fun to go up there. it was beautiful enough to see!

    1. It was too scary for me! Haha! You're like a child!!

  2. wooow.. tokyo tower~~ i guess this would be one of my to go place when i visit japan (oh kami-sama, let it be sooner~~)
    kuuuhh... i wished i was in japan when they lit up tokyo tower in arashi colors.. . it was a commemorative event and that would mean there are 5 colors on it = rainbow-colored tokyo tower!!

    hihi, if it there was fewer people it would be so romantic with all those city lights and everything~~


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