Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cute Maneki Neko Sightings (Tokyo Edition)

That lucky cat: Maneki Neko! Because I  (and my kareshi too) love Maneki Neko (check out this past blog) very much. We like him so much that we even sent out Maneki Neko's to each other haha! I've come to notice that the I have seemed to have taken several random Maneki Neko photos in Tokyo enough to make another photo blog. This is the Cute Maneki Neko Tokyo Edition ~ Haha! Since these are all Maneki Neko sightings all over Tokyo, mochiron, there are more beckoning cats spread all over Tokyo, but I was really trying to look for the cutest ones or at least something quirky. I was looking for something I could bring back to Manila  that's more unique looking than the ones I can easily find here but I couldn't find something I really wanna spend on (kuripot LOL) Plus I have to consider the fragile stuff will be hard to bring back home of course. I wish they have more fluffy ones though... That'd be more convenient haha! But at least I got to take some photos to remember them by haha! 

... But before some my Tokyo sightings... let me throw in some trinkets of Maneki Neko's I've saved from me and my kareshi. Haha! 

Happy Anniversary with Maneki Neko!

Last May we celebrated our first anniversary but sadly, we couldn't be together on that day... But at least we tried to send out some nice mementos... and of course this is where Maneki Neko plays a big role! Haha!

From Tokyo...
From Tokyo~ my kareshi's trinkets of gifts for me on our first anniversary and of course that
cute Maneki Neko card peeping through under the trinkets! Hi there!
May 4, 2012
... To Tokyo!
"Finally! Cutie Maneki Neko arrived in Tokyo! Thank you @rainbowholic @kailaroo for letting Maneki Neko hitch a ride Japan bound and for sending him off to @takaomi54 !!" - PixieTracy on InstaGram June 9, 2012
I've been stalking this cutie Maneki Neko for months before I got it as an anniversary gift to my kareshi. He's now living with my kareshi in Tokyo keeping him company. Haha~
Ohta-ku, Tokyo
Well this is a bit Out of place since this blog is Tokyo Edition haha
I haven't been to Kyoto yet but my kareshi recently went there and
I remember him sending me this old Japan looking place with this big Maneki Neko
I can imagine it saying "Konnichiha!"

Cute Maneki Neko Tokyo Edition!
... Now let's get it started!

It was actually by chance that I found a cute Maneki Neko in Akihabara. We didn't stay here much but the game claw machine caught my attention! One of the game claw machine is filled with Maneki Neko stuff toys!! This is what I have in mind that I want to bring home! It's so fluffy and cute!

I wanna take you home Fat Maneki Neko... But you're so hard to catch!!!
Akihabara, Tokyo
August 3, 2012
I want to have this Fat Maneki Neko!!! But we didn't win the prize claw machine!!
Akihabara, Tokyo
Being a popular tourist spot known for the Buddhist Temples and the Japan Souvenir Shops, there would definitely be a whole battalion of Maneki Neko's here! Haha! I could have took more photos but they seemed to have look the same... So I just picked some of the memorable ones I found in the Asakusa shops!

Monchichi dressing up as Maneki Neko! I found this cute toy in an Asakusa souvenir shop but I think it's so expensive for 2,100 Yen!? (PhP 1.050?) I dunno may be I'm just kuripot! Haha!
August 4, 2012

Racks full of Maneki Nekos at this shop! Haha!

Now this looks like a
Maneki Neko Altar
(if there's such thing as... LOL)

Maneki Neko influx! Wish they had something fluffy though!
Asakusa, Tokyo

I just got fascinated with this Maneki Neko I found in the sushi restaurant we had lunch with my Tokyo friends. Well, Omotesando is one of the most fashionable place in Tokyo... this beckoning cat seems so random being here! Haha!

Took this shot at the kaiten sushi restaurant in Omotesando
May be he's guarding all the yummy sushi for himself haha!
August 5, 2012
Haha! Did you get enough Maneki Neko's? Haha! It was fun! May be next time I'll be writing world edition! Haha! If you have some cute Maneki Neko to share! Please send it to me! 


  1. maneki neko means "a cat inviting something" and they usually try to catch luck, money, and customers. I have one on my bed for money!haaha j/k

    1. I dunno why but I find your comment here funny! haha!

  2. hoards of adorable maneki-neko~!!
    for a weird fangirl reason, i kinda want one of those too~~ specifically the type they used in my fave group, 嵐's CM (
    or just any cute design, 'coz really, nobody can say no to cuteness right?

    1. Maneki Neko is so cute isn't he? I saw the YouTube you posted! Looks fun! \(^o^)/

    2. they are so kawaii~! japan is so genius to come up with cute designs

  3. Thanks for sending that Maneki neko. He always awaits me on bed.


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