Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daydreaming in Sanrio Puroland Parade

August 3, 2012 ~ While sitting by the steps
waiting for the Sanrio Parade Show
At around 4:30pm the Sanrio Guide Map and Show Guide mentioned that there will be a Parade Show. So my kareshi and I just sit by the steps to get a nicer view of the show. Well, I didn't really see any people our age around Sanrio Puroland. Mostly are kids and toddlers with their Moms. Haha. Yes, how embarrassing haha times like this I wish Atreyu was with us so we have an excuse to be like kids. Haha! But even Atreyu might be less interested with girly Sanrio characters... I think I have no scapegoat haha! But kidding aside, I really had so much fun in Sanrio Puroland and I said to myself I'll take as many photos of this show so Atreyu can almost see it too! I actually felt a little sad not having Atreyu around this time, 'coz he always enjoys watching shows like this anywhere. As the audience area fills up, as the show was about to start, I felt a bit spaced-out since the whole show is in Nihongo. Haha. Mochiron, why should I still be surprised? 

Well, even if the whole show was sang and performed in Nihongo, I still very much enjoyed everything! Actually, it made me "Daydream" while watching the show. I remember one of my chats with my MYX (U.S.) VJ and "gurlfriend", Amber Davis... (so random? haha) But we always shared out fascination with travels and trying on different creative line of work. Amber is really fun and she gives me the best "cheer-up advice" when I need one! (awww I miss my MYX friends!) Anyways, back when I was so down from my UNIQLO application last January, she gave me some "happy thought idea" that made me look forward to opportunities that may come along. I remember she told me about trying out with amusement parks in Japan~ my creatives will work nicely there. It was really a nice thought. Especially nowadays that speaking the English language is becoming more and more in-demand in Japan, I may get a chance if I try out in those dream-like amusement parks... May be as a costume designer or dresser for shows. Haha. May be something like that. How I wish it can happen!

And so of course... This is where my "Daydreaming in Sanrio Puroland" began. Haha! As each of the Sanrio characters and chorus dancers perform in front of me... My mind was already tripping thinking how I each costumes were made and how they can look cuter and more fun! Haha!

I especially liked those cute Strawberry Swirl Dancers...

I love these Strawberry Girls!

I had to take another photo!

I wonder how those Strawberry skirts are made... What are they made of? they look like molded plastic vinyl of some sort... There were alot of cute characters during the parade but I was too fast to capture everything... So I just took some shots of few of my favorite Sanrio characters!

Pochacco and Keroppi ~ Well, Atreyu likes Keroppi that's why I took this photo!
I don't know what's the name of this character but I think it's one of the
SugarBunnies may be she's a new-age Sanrio character? 
I kept thinking during the run of the Parade Show how they would look cuter and more fun... May be put some glittered/lame underskirt for the female dancers and characters. Haha! Wouldn't it be nice if I am a part of the Costume Design Department of Sanrio Puroland?! Sugoiii?!

My favorite!! My Melody and Kuromi!! They are so cute!!

My Melody and Kuromi!! They look like "good and evil" girls haha!
Another Sanrio couple I love are these cuties "Little Twin Stars". I don't get to see them much often... I missed them actually I remember in elementary, I used to collect Little Twin Stars stationeries... So I tried taking some pics of them! 

The Little Twin Stars!

They look like cute little fairies! Haha!
For the finale... Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel waved good-bye to everyone! The  show was fun and such a dream for me! Wish I can be your dresser, Hello Kitty!!

Bye Dear Daniel!

Sayonarra Hello Kitty-chan!! You're such a cutie princess in your dress!
... and because I want Atreyu to see this show, I took a short clip of the Sanrio Puroland Parade Show. I'm so happy the Little Twin Stars are right in front of me! 

Gomen nasai, my video is too short! My digicam was almost low battery at this time! good thing I was able to take a few seconds shot! Haha!

It all seemed like a dream to me. I'm probably like a child daydreaming! Haha! The lights, the Nihongo songs and performance, the colorful costumes and the kawaii Sanrio characters! It was a fun time... (while I see my kareshi almost sleeping a my side... LOL) I bet it would be nice if I costume design for Hello Kitty-chan!


  1. while there are all kids, you were the best one having the biggest fun there haahha Hello kitty, kuromi, twin stars, how much you like sanrio!

    1. haha! yes! I'm dreaming about being sanrion puroland's costume designer haha!

  2. ohhh how wonderful if you could help design the costumes for Puroland!! You should apply for a job?? I also looove costumes! I do a lot of dancing (ballet etc) and get to wear some beautiful costumes each year! Some have been quite extravagant...but not as extravagant as these ones hehe.

    I love all of the pictures you've taken of all the cutesy stuff to buy there. I think I'll be like one of those mums carrying around huge bags of stuff haha. (maybe Nath and I will have to adopt a kid for the day so we blend in better...) And yes, Nath would be the same while we watch the parade, while I will be screaming with joy and excitement at the kawaii overload!!! laaaaa!
    Love Em (aka emmy_lebean) ox

    1. Yeah! It's like a dream job for me... like a job in any amusement park in Japan! Whaaa!! That's Kawaii Heaven?!?

      I'm sure you'll have so much fun in Japan!! You can read my blogs here for travel guide... Actually... I've started writing Japan Travel Blog because my newly wed clients that I design headpieces for always asks me about Japan and the places I recommend... So I started writing and I really enjoyed writing... It's just fun... Like I'm building my kawaii happy place online!

      I really appreciate your comments! Thanks so much!

  3. It was much more than expected. It was like Disneyland


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